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Sep 10, 2003 01:15 PM

Armenian/middle-eastern restaurant on Greenwich and 7th

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Many moons ago (25 years or so) I ate at a restaurnt in this area which had wonderful food. A dish called Pitinjin Yarik was my favourite. I would like to know if the placde still exists. The name of the place escapes me.

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  1. Alas, there's no Armenian restaurant in that area anymore.

    1. Youre not thinking about the Balkan-Armenian, that used to be (I think) at around University Pl and 11th?

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        Unless there were two Balkan Armenians, this is not correct. The Balkan Armenian was on E27th Street, I believe, just off Lexington. During its heydey, this area was dense with Armenian restaurants, just as the 70's were with Czech ones.

        Pat G.

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          you are both right - the Dardanelles which we used to frequent was in the village and the Balkan Armenian which I think lasted later, was uptown. Sorry for generating more confusion!

          I remember shopping at a store called Tashjian in the 1970s - and of course there is still a bit of Armenian influence and product at Kalyustan still, but I guess that is all that remains foodwise of that enclave.

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          I think the name of that place on University was called The Dardanelles. I remember going there once as a kid.

        3. The name of the restaurant was Keneret. I ate there often in the early Seventies. My favorite dish there was also the Pitinkin Yarik, which was a stuffed eggplant. Keneret closed many years ago, unfortunately.

          1. Keneret was at Bleeker St and 7th Ave.
            A Syrian /Armenian Cuisine