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Jun 26, 2002 03:07 PM

Need a Whole Hog

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I need an 80 pound pig for the 4th of July. Any ideas where I can get a good one?

In Miami (my hometown) the Cubans would go to the slaughterhouse and pick out their Christmas pig. Is there anything like that around here?

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  1. Since you're in the East Bay, I'd talk to a butcher in Oakland Chinatown about ordering one. Whole hogs are delivered everyday.

    1. Try Oakland Market in Oakland's Chinatown. They are one of the larger stores in the area. If they are unable to help than try some Chinese take out deli that sell roast pig.

      1. Polarica sells whole sucklings that weigh about 40 lbs.

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          Isn't 40 lbs. rather big for a suckling pig? For the tender scrumptiousness of a suckling, I'd been told they should be less than 20 lbs. and preferably under 15 lbs.

        2. I have purchased pigs at the Lucky Pork Store on 23rd (ish) and Mission and they have worked out ok for me. I am hoping to get a better quality pig this year, and ideally one in the east bay.

          So far, Prime Smoked Meats (Alice Street) in oakland has been the only place to confirm that they can get one by the 3rd. I was referred there by the ham&bacon folks at housewives marketplace.

          The Chinatown recommendation was a good one, but since I don't know how to say "I want a whole pig" in Chinese, that didn't work out so well.

          Cafe Rouge in Berkeley can get Niman pigs, but they couldn't get it by the 3rd, so I called Niman directly (i sort of know someone there). They are going to get back to me and let me know if they can get me one by the 3rd.

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            Thanks for the update, Dan. Too bad that Chinatown didn't work out. Usually there's someone on staff who speaks a little more English, or I can usually get on of the other customers to help translate when my language skills fail.

            How will you prepare this once you find the right hog?