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Aug 24, 2003 08:56 PM

such thing as hashbrowns in NYC?

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I'm a midwest transplant to NYC of about a year and try as i might, can't find potato hashbrowns anywhere! The closest I've come is the rosti at Prune (wonderful when not burnt or cold!) Anyone know of a breakfast/brunch spot with hashbrowns? Oh, and preferably below 23rd.

most grateful!

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  1. Clinton Street Bakery on the LES serves great breakfasts, including hash-browns.

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      Spock's Brain

      Somebody should open up a Waffle House in Times Square :)

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        Midtown Jimmy

        Someone should open an IHOP or Friendly's, I've always thought. They would do huge business. I'm not sure why it's the crappy suburban places (Red Lobster, Stone-Cold Creamery) that come to the city.

        1. re: Midtown Jimmy

          IHOP and Friendly's aren't crappy suburban places?

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            NO IHOP AND FRIENDLY'S! NYC's already been victimized with friday's, olive garden, red lobster, etc.....

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              There is an IHOP in Harlem (and at least one other in the Bronx). They're gross. Also, there was a controversy years ago when the Harlem location opened because it required patrons to pay their checks before they were served. If you don't trust the people in a community, spare them your processed, industrial food, and stay in the suburbs.

        2. If it's under 23rd, then look no further than Waverly Restaurant on Waverly & 6th. Amazing!

          1. FYI-If you go on menupages and type hardbrowns in under the "find foods" tab, you will see every restaurant in NYC that serves them...good way to start..

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              What's really interesting is that they may be listed as hashbrowns but served as something else (most likely homefries). It's weird how many businesses serve breakfast potatoes and will call it hashbrowns.

              Nonetheless, here is an updated list of places that serve Hashbrowns in NYC.

              Market Diner (11th btwn 43rd and 44th)
              Waverly (Avenue of the Americas & Waverly Pl)
              Stop Inn (61st & Roosevelt Ave in Woodside Queens) < -- my favorite for now

              Market Diner
              572 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036

            2. Whiskey Tavern (Baxter right below Canal) actually has delicious hash browns - reminds me of elementary school (although, that may not be quite the midwestern taste you're looking for).