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Aug 14, 2003 03:42 PM


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where can i find the best tiramisu in new york city?

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  1. Trattoria Trecolori, W. 45th St., btw B'way/7th and 6th Avs.

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      Its not in Manhattan, but IMHO Lenny's on Crossbay Boulevard in Queens has the BEST tiramisu I've ever ever had. Its worth the trip if you could make it out there!

    2. These may sound obvious, but two suggestions:

      Ferarra's in Little Italy is a good benchmark, excellent.

      Surprisingly, Edgar's Cafe, on the Upper West Side has a version in a cup which is excellent.

      For a Venetian-version, where the tiramisu is separated into component parts and you dip the ladyfingers, try Via Quadrono on the Upper East Side.

      1. I just went to roccos in greenwich village (i believe) and theirs was great and actually was made to take with so we were able to eat some later.... the have tons more great pastries too!... they charge by the pound so you can start a box and go to town!

        1. Landmarc has little mini desserts, and their little mini tiramisu is made with almond liqueur instead of coffee. It is quite good as a change of pace, but it is far from "the best" anything.

          However, I'm curious, does anybody know of any tiramisu-like desserts anyplace that are high quality and made with other flavors than coffee?

          And when people shout out "the best" in this thread here for traditional coffee tiramisu, what are the standards? There are very good tasting "sheet cake" tiramisus, but the ladyfinger and dollop of mascarpone etc. constructed variety is so much better. Are we all on the same page?

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            If there are no ladyfingers, it's not traditional tiramisu, IMO. That said, I had a delicious tiramisu deconstruction at Falai . . .