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Vosges Haut-Chocolat

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This new chocolate confectioner on Spring Street sounds fascinating. I tend to be more of a Mondel's buttercrunch gal, but I'm curious about these high-end goodies -- anyone been?

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  1. Vosges sells really unique chocolate bars! Dark chocolate bar with wasabi, black sesame seeds and ginger is one I have tried. I also really like the milk chocolate hazelnut almond praline bar.

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      They had samples of their chocolate bars at the Fancy Food Show. The Naga Bar (sweet curry powder, coconut flakes and Belgian milk chocolate) was the best of the lot! Very tasty, not spicy at all. Can't wait to visit the new store...

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        I'd be curious to see if anyone reports back on the "Vincent Gallo Chocolate":

        "Inspiration comes to Chic Chocolatier Katrina Markoff through many mediums...this inspiration came to her from an experience with art, or rather, an artist, Vincent Gallo.

        If you have had the opportunity to see a Vincent Gallo film, to listen to his music or to see his art you would know his measure...

        Though, how does one go about translating Vincent Gallo into a chocolate? An artist such as he is quite difficult to simplify into any one element or ingredient. With Gallo, it was sure to be a complex undertaking. The chocolate piece must be quite contradictory, a piece that may not be understood by all palates, as well it should not..."

      2. Vosges also carries a line of fantastically refreshing ice creams as well. The Naga, a coconut and curry ice cream is devilishly decadent and packs a flavorful punch of eastern spices. I'd also recommend the Red Fire. The chili that heightens this flavor is a combination of subtle and notable which really makes your mouth water.

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          iirc, at least 3 flavors from the Vosges ice cream line are also sold at Whole Foods (Union Sq)

        2. Vosges originates in Chicago, they also have a store in Las Vegas. The Manhattan store, last time I was in, didn't appear to carry the full line of chocolate confections. I'm not a chocolate fan, but Vosges...ahhh...Vosges...how do I love thee!? As mentioned above, the naga truffle is beloved and possibly my favorite(if I had to choose). You should also try the flavored caramels if they carry them in your store.

          1. Hello:

            They are yummy, of course, but if you are in that neighborhood, there is an even better choice. Right around the corner is Kee's - handmade and just as interesting in flavor, but different and I think better.


            1. I adore these chocolates. I've only tried them in Las Vegas, but boy did I try them. Really unusual flavor combinations and they sound like they won't work, but they do. I wouldn't even try and compare these to every day chocolate such as Kee's - it's a completely different experience. I'd go to both for different reasons. For me tho, Vosges ranks right up there as possibly being my favorite. At least for the moment.

              1. LA Hound here - but I've had the pleasure of trying (and then buying) some Vosges Chocolates in Napa Valley & then again at Las Vegas.

                Definitely a "special-occasion" treat, I absolutely love the combo of really good chocolate & the great flavors. The Red Fire bar with chili & cinnamon (a mild, slow heat) comboed with Dark Chocolate is really good. I'm looking forward to my Black Pearl bar (the wasabi, ginger, sesame one).

                If you're a bit more conservative in exploration, go for the Black Cat Bar --- Dark Chocolate with crunchy bits of cocoa nibs and Intelligensia's "Black Cat" Espresso. And of course, they sell regular truffles/bars too.

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                  Just had the Black Pearl - delicious. I thought the wasabi would be overbearing (and I use a comparatively small amount in my sushi/sashimi) but it definitely wasn't... just a really subtle hint of it. The ginger flavor is slightly more pronounced & the sesame adds an interesting crunch and occasional nuttiness.

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                    The bar you get in the shop tastes very different to the one sold in markets, we've found. That wasabi taste is much nicer in the fresh bars than it is in the ones that have been sitting on a shelf for a few weeks.


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                      got mine at the shop in Vegas ;) though it did sit about a week before I got around to it. If I'm getting Vosges again it'll most likely be via their online shop.

                2. been several times to the Vegas local.....love their dark chocolate frozen drink.....so good.

                  1. Have any of you tried their chocolate covered marshmallows that are filled with caramel or the toffee? I really wanted to by one from the market the other day but I was hesitating whether or not it's any good.

                    1. last winter i was in the store and had a hot white chocolate drink with lemon and lavendar (i think). it was fantastic. i can't wait till it gets cold so i can have another.

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                        oh goodness me! the lavender white hot chocolate is insanity in a cup.

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                          i dream about that white chocolate drink...