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What's the best flavor of gelato at Ciao Bella?

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Please do tell. I know there are other great gelato places, too, but I'm curious about Ciao Bella this time. Thanks.

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  1. hazelnut, hands down. but almost all their flavors are amazing.

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      I second that!! Looooove Hazelnut gelato!!

    2. my vote would be for the malted milk ball gelato. it's not always available (anybody know when malted milk balls are in season?) but whenever it's there, i get it.

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        I second the malted milk ball recommendation, but I think they make it a bit weaker now than a few years ago (not the balls, of course, but the gelato itself.)

        I don't know when malted milk balls are in season, lol. But if you go to the Sullivan St. branch of Ciao Bella, I think you'll always find they have that flavor there.

      2. When they have it, the key lime pie is amazing. That's a tough dessert to render as an ice cream flavor and they have it nailed down--nice & tart too.

        1. I haven't tried all the Ciao Bella gelato and sorbet flavors, but I LOVE the grapefruit compari sorbet. Tart and refreshing, there's just nothing like it.

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            Tsk! Mossie, you beat me to it. Ciao, Bella!

          2. I've tried quite a few, including a rice-puddingy one they made last winter. It was interesting. Really not bad if mixed with something else.
            My recommendations:
            -If you feel for chocolate, I've not found a better, more chocolatey ice cream than the Varlhona chocolate at Ciao Bella.
            -If you feel for fruit... When their mango sorbetto is good, it is really good. Passion fruit is quite refreshing also when they don't overdo the orange note.

            1. as posted above - banana pecan rocks, also vahlrona chocolate when they have it.

              1. Maple ginger snap. Oh my God. I just opened it to have a few small spoonfuls to satisfy my ice cream craving and ate almost the entire pint.

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                1. re: yumyumyogi

                  It's a sorbet, but I happen to be eating their delicious blood orange at this very moment.

                  1. re: Nikitenka

                    I agree on their sorbet! I didn't think their gelato is exceptional (it used to be but the bar is raised with all the competition out there). But their sorbet is really good. My favorite is cantaloupe and watermelon.

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                    Absolutely the maple gingersnap. I saw this posting and i felt like i had to spread the word. I haven't had it in over a year and i still have dreams about it. So delicious.

                    1. re: muffintop

                      totally agree with the maple ginger snap. I just finished the entire pint in one sitting.

                      1. re: ricky7

                        Question: Does this mean I should never buy another pint of this flavor again if I want to avoid eating an entire pint of gelato in one sitting? Bikini season is, afterall, coming up (not that I wear bikinis...). They really should make them in half-pint sizes.

                      1. re: Miss Needle

                        Another vote for the blood orange sorbet...wow...