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Jul 17, 2003 01:41 PM

Best street food in Lower Manhattan

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What's everyone's favorite(s)?
I tried a Mexican enchilada cart on Nassau in front of Chase Plaza that was not as hot as the queue for it made me believe.

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  1. interesting topic. I just passed by an Indian food cart today on Water Street that looked like it had potential, but I'd already had lunch. It was on the East river side, right next to a Taco cart. I've had the taco cart offerings before, and they left quite a bit to be desired. Might give the Indian one a try tomorrow though. It was up by about 77 Water, I think, or maybe the next block north.

    There was also a soup cart on Beaver Street that I heard was good, but I never made it there, and I don't think its around in the summer....

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      there's an argentine guy named tony who has a cart on water street that's bright orange and looks like a little house. it's on the east side, just north of wall street. tony's lentil soup is really good, though he may have stopped making it for the winter.

    2. Yeah, that taco cart lunch gave me heartburn. Gross.

      A few months ago, someone posted about the All American Lunch Cart, or something like that, on the corner of Whitehall and Water. I tried it last Friday.. I had an enormous, delicious, fresh chicken parmigian sandwich for $4.95. Two meals, if I ever saw one. I want to go back and try other sandwich. They still offer "Freedom Frys" though.

      1. My fave is Allen's falafel cart. He has returned to Liberty park after being sent away after 9/11. Don't get confused and get Sam's falafel. Allen's are taistier and don't repeat on me the way some do. I been eating his falafels for about 12 years now.

        Caruso has good pizza by the slice there is one at Broadway and Fulton and used to be one on down B'way about 60, is it still there?