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Jun 17, 2002 10:13 AM

Best Restaurant on Noriega Street

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I have seen reviews on Lotus, Little Beijing, Jumbo Seafood, etc.

What is your vote for BEST restaurant on Noriega Street?


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  1. Parkside Bob,
    Unless they were in real estate, few 'hounds know the
    fog bound outer sunset. There in the 20's, you've got a
    slew of non-descript seafood palaces,wonton and noodle
    cafes and whatever happened to that Alsatian-Bavarian
    place on the south side-restaurant Luzerne?
    In the 30's around the Safeway-more dim sum and that
    ex-Irish corner donut shop that became a Hong Kong
    srtle pastry shop.

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    1. re: Duke Dee

      31st and Noriega is Donut Time which turns out a pretty good cruller - crunchy exterior, soft/airy/eggy interior, and thin maple glaze. Lots of Chinese seniors hanging out there too for the Hong Kong buns and pastries with a cup of coffee.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I used to always go to Donut Time to pick up some pastries for my coworkers in the morning. They swore by the apple fritters. They are huge, enough for two sittings. Personally I preferred the tried and true regular old donuts. They also sell a lot of chinese pastries there also. Baked fresh every morning. You could smell the baking going on at 4 in the morning as you drive by.

        1. re: BoPeep

          Thanks for the confirmation. I'd only tried it once. French crullers are my favorite style of donut and hard to find. Even harder to find a decent one, and this was more than decent, especially considering that it was late in the day long after it had been fried. I'll need to try a fresher one the next time I'm in the Sunset.


      2. re: Duke Dee

        Lucerne went to the Alps in the Sky about a year ago. Economic slow down sealed its fate.

      3. I can't make a motion for the "best" restaurant on Noriega, since I don't get there very often and several of the restaurants I have eaten at are now out of business (Lucerne, and a mexican restaurant near the Bashful Bull). However, I have eaten at Lotus recently, and found it quite good. The food is interesting and well prepared. The wine list is interesting and reasonably priced. I talked with one of the owners regarding the garlic noodles they serve - he's familiar with the Thanh Long verson - he said he tried about 30 formulations before he settled on the one he uses at the restaurant. I actually prefer his version - there seems to be less of a chemically enhanced flavor.

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        1. re: Alan

          Thanks for the further scoop on Lotus. The garlic noodles at Thanh Long is one of my wife's favorite dishes there.

          They hang a big sign outside on Lotus that Thursday is Roasted Crab night, if you're a fan.