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Jul 14, 2003 01:15 AM

DESSERTS Later Eve. Lower Manhattan

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Hello everyone. I'm visiting friends in Queens next week but will be coming into the City a couple nites. Would greatly appreciate your recommendations on the following:

1) DESSERT ONLY in Manhattan... prefer Chelsea / SOHO / or Village location as will be going to
jazz club(s) later...any nice bistros or patisseries that have KNOCKOUT DESSERTS late nite ?? I was reading about Balthazar... Payard Patisserie sounds great but it's UESide...any other suggestions ??

2) JAZZ CLUBS MANHATTAN: Zinc Bar, Smalls, Jazz Standard... any preferences ?? Mentioning Zinc because I hear it may have "brazilian" jazz. Any other Jazz venues you highly recommend ?

Please advise as to your choices from above, or feel free to recommend an alternative. Thanks so much, Mike.

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  1. c
    ChowFun (derek)

    I've always gravitated to Veneiro's for sfogliatelle still warm from the oven...the last time I was there, Rod Stewart was right in front of me..ofcourse no one "batted an eye", just a typical occurrence in Manhattan!

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      The classic late-night dessert place downtown is La Lanterna, on MadDougal north of 3rd St., right near Washington Square Park. Not too far from a bunch of jazz clubs, cozy and intimate. A staple. The desserts are fine, but the atmosphere is the major attraction. Open til 3-4a, I believe. Lord, they must be dying since the smoking ban came in, because the smoking section downstairs been heavily populated with hard-smoking Euros for years and years.

      1. re: xavier
        ChowFun (derek)

        Isn't it the "euros" who are dying? and everyone else within breathing distance..
        Go back and try the a smoke free environment you might even be able taste them! LOL

    2. Raffaela's on 7th Avenue South near Christopher Street is open late and has good desserts and is open late.

      1. Blue Hill has a dessert tasting for $25. You can only have it after 9:30pm, and I'm not sure how long they're open til.

        1. Cafe Dante on McDougal between Bleeker/Houston. Desserts, Gelato, Coffees. They have oustside tables, and they won't rush you out.