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Best Brunch-manhattan

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I will be all over the city this weekend so location does not matter. Just looking for the BEST brunch for Sunday.

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  1. I love Sarabeth's, at Madison Ave. and 92nd Street. I also heard that Five Points is very good but I haven't been there yet.

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      Be prepared for long waits at all of these...

      Sarabeth's also has UWS and Central Park South locations - 80th/Amsterdam and 59th b/t 5th and 6th respectively. I'm a stickler for the UWS location, great lemon ricotta pancakes...

    2. Prune or Clinton Street Baking Company are definitely the best in the city. Both are cute and small but go with Prune if you want more elegant, delicate (but still filling) food and Clinton Street if you are looking for hearty, stick-to your ribs. Prune: Great Fried Oyster Omelette, Eggs en Cocotte, and Ricotta Dessert featuring fresh ricotta from Joe's Dairy and seasonal fruit. ALso has a great bloody Mary --the Chicago Matchbox that features lemon vodka and is served with a veritable salad of garnishes on the side -- pickled green beens; picked brusseled sprout, olive. Clinton Street: Can't beat the Cheddar Grits, Spanish Scramble is also solid, and in the winter they often have a special Corned Beef Hash Benedict that consists of Homemade Corned Beef hash patties on top of one of Clinton's delicious biscuits with hollandaise on top---one of the most delicioius morning meals I have ever had! People also like Clinton's pancakes and waffles---I always prefer savory for brunch, but agree that they are delicious.

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        Second Prune -- make sure you try one of their bloody marys.

      2. Five Points is my favorite. Jane on Houston and Deborah on Carmine are good backups if you are unable to get reservations at Five Points.

        1. I Love Normas in the Parker Meridien hotel

          1. I just suggested on another board:
            -North Square, on the Northwest corner of Washington Square Park
            -Cornelia St. Cafe, on Cornelia and Bleecker Streets
            -Jane (was mentioned above)
            -Avra, a Greek restaurant in the E. 50s (right near the Waldorf)

            1. I love Barney Greengrass. The food is the best but it is expensive and not elegant.
              The food is an 11 out of 10.
              If you want great food go there.
              For more tips check out corinescorner.com

              1. COokshop is very good and takes reservations on opentable.

                1. Had a tres nice breakfast this a.m. at NoHo Star, and while I ddn't eat brunch, it's well worth checking out...don't know if it satisfies the "best in the city" requirement, but it's a great place for b'fast anytime.

                  1. I loved Five Points and had been going for years, but my recent trip was a dissapointment. The usuals, lemon ricotta pancakes <undercooked> 4 cheese mac and cheese <half the portion size it was> and the huevos <overdone> I was really sad. I went there every Sunday for about a year, and lapsed over a 4 month period. Upon my return, it was noticeable how it changed.

                    A new find, however, is GOOD on Greewich between Bank and 4th. The brunch punch is awesome, the brunch items are great, and the mac and cheese is a taste to behold. It is quaint and delicious and ther service is great! My only complains is that it is too small....