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Jun 22, 2003 06:49 PM

coffee beans at PORTO RICO

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I haven't read anything about the above coffe and tea store on Bleeker> Has anyone used the store and their blends??? always interested in coffee bean sources

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  1. Safe bet, good selection and a nice ambiance. I went for the Hawaiian blend. Always have been a fan of making coffee at home. I like the fact that the roasted blends do not taste burnt.

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    1. re: Bert & Ernie

      Porto Rico has been my favorite for years. I don't bother to buy coffee anywhere else.

      1. re: xavier

        I like them too...especially their brazilian, sumatra, and java arabica.

        I like their loose teas as well including their early grey, and mango.

    2. I've been buying freshly ground coffee there for 30 years- they're the best! AND best prices too! My favorite has always been the "Cafe Blend".

      1. We buy coffee from their warehouse in Williamsburg, neer the bridge. They offer weekly specials y e-mail too.


        1. I've been using them for several yrs and am very pleased. What is most exciting is the selection of unique coffee flavors at great prices: Orange, Coconut, Mint, Strudel Cake, Cherry, Maple Walnut, etc etc. Always available in decaf or reg. But for unflavored roasts I've found the beans a bit dry and the flavor not as full & robust as others.

          I buy Hyman Smith Coffee, "Gourmet Hotel Blend," at Smith Restaurant Supply Co in Syracuse, NY (They do mail orders). They also sell green beans for those of us who like to roast our own. I simply grind half Gourmet Hotel Blend with a flavor from PORTO RICO and it lends flavor and fullness better than when I grind beans, of various roasts, from PORTO RICO.


          1. I like them a lot
            usually I get the french mocha java or the jamaican blue mountain, sometimes I get the italian expresso, but make it regular coffe style. They have a great selection of teas too. Darjeeling first flush is the way to go