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Jun 13, 2003 02:38 PM

Victor's Cafe on 52nd.... any good?

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How is Victor's Cafe on 52nd?

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    david sprague

    expensive, but good. i really like the sides (but i am a starch fiend) and the seafood dishes are generally very nice. i always feel like i paid a little too much, but never too disappointed in the chow itself...

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    1. re: david sprague

      I will be turning 40 and I like latin/cuabn food so was hoping we would have a good time here. How is the dress?

      1. re: Richie
        david sprague

        well, as a celebration place, i'd say it's a good choice...festive, yet classy. a lot of people dress up for dinner there, but tie/jacket isn't a must.

        1. re: david sprague

          Thanks David..what's the average on entrees?

          1. re: Richie

            Here's a menu for you, without any specials of course.

            Links to the menu are on this page:


      2. re: david sprague

        I found the pork chops to be a really pleasant surprise.

      3. I have been there several times in the past and used to think it was good. Last night, I was very disappointed. We ordered several things from the menu that they no longer seem to have in the kitchen. For example, I ordered gazpacho and the waiter came back after twenty minutes and said it was no longer on the menu. I told him that I had seen it and he said, "Well, you had the wrong menu!", as if it were my fault that I had been given the wrong menu. He then gave me another menu which had prices that were substantially higher. The prices on the bill also did not match the prices on the menu. Altogether, the experience was not a good one and I doubt that I will return.

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        1. re: ladyhedy

          You're right Victor's used to be very good. It has gone slowly downhil over the last few years. I too noticed that dishes weren't available as listed on the menu or plates would be missing advertised items. It is very annoying when a restaurant does this on a consitent basis, which is te case with Victor's.

          I would have drinks in the bar area which is fun and lively, then I would eat some place else.

        2. We had dinner there 2 nights ago. Our first time. Ordered the seafood Paella and the portion was ok for one person, the rice was cooked to the right consistency, BUT for the price they could've put more seafood considering the lobster was the smallest I've seen served in a restaurant. The lobster empanada was delicious (not to my dinner partner tho) but the 2 tiny pcs. were a surprise for the price -- there must've been 2 bits of lobster and a couple of corn kernels and a couple of slivers of bell peppers (they should've listed this on the menu as Empanada Poppers because they were really tiny). The flan was ok -- not too sweet like in other places, altho they looked similar to the Goya ones in the supermarket; and, the churros were really good, and comes with 3 dipping sauces, but again, pricey for the portion. The one good experience we had was the attentive staff, and interior decor is nice and pleasant. Would I go back there? Probably not, because they are EXPENSIVE for what you get - RIDICULOUSLY expensive!

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          1. re: sikakis

            im amazed Victor's is still there after all these years. It used to always be OK , nothing spectacular . but it's gotta be a landmark by now

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              I haven't been in a couple of years, but I checked the menu link and saw that my favorite: "Rabo Encedido" is still in the menu, and that it has gone up $3, so not too bad if it's as good as I remember it.