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Jun 9, 2003 08:43 PM

Calves brains- where to get?

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Any suggestions at where to get this delicacy? My father got me hooked when I was 12 (now 20) and dying to have a childhood favorite. I'm throwing this out to the outer boroughs as well, anything for a fix!

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  1. I can help if you're willing to travel to Sunnyside - at the 46th st stop on the 7 train there's a Food Dynasty supermarket that carries calves brains on a regular basis.
    I love brains, too, and this place is a sure shot to get some.

    1. La Lunchonette had them as a special when I was there a few weeks ago. You may want to check to see if they are a regular special.

      1. I once had some lovely calves brains sauteed in brown butter at cafe loup on 13th street. I'm not sure if it's still on the menu, but you might check it out: 212.255.4746

        1. Babbo - it's on the menu and probably fabulous. If I could afford it I'd run over there and eat some right now.

          1. Not to be unduly alarmist, but the part of the cow from which you most easily contract Mad Cow disease is the brain. Health organizations recommend that it is safest to eat cuts like steak which do not contain any renderings from the nervous system or brain. It seems to me with MCD clearly spreading to N. American cattle and the USDA declaring it does not see the need to change its inspection techniques this might be a consideration since MCD, unless caught by a specfic exam, will not be detected in an infected animal until it manifest symptoms.Anyway, I thought this discussion "behooved" me to mention this. But, if after due consideration you still want to eat brains, please enjoy.