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Jun 8, 2002 05:12 PM

Goi Vit Quay - Roast duck & banana blossom salad - (longish)

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Shortly before a trip to the LA area in April I read a post on the LA Chowhound board about Brodard restaurant in Little Saigon - there was a link to an article dated May 10, 2001 from the LA Times titled "Authentic Ethnic" by Linda Burum. This was a longish article about Little Saigon that included mentions of several restaurants including Brodard and specifically a salad they serve, Goi Vit Quay and listed ingredients roast duck, banana flower, and crisp fried shallots. Descriptions of several other dishes were included too. We really like Vietnamese food so as we were only about 5 miles from there I talked my husband into taking a detour to check it out. We had a beautifully served and delicious lunch. The salad was presented in a large white square bowl and along with the items mentioned, it also included angel hair thin shreds of green and red cabbage, rau ram, red chili strips and other herbs and was served with a sweet chili dressing. This salad was one of the most delicious I've had the pleasure to taste. Roast Duck! I haven't had a chance to explore many of the Vietnamese restaurants in our area - especially San Jose - so I thought I'd turn to the vast Chowhound network! Have any of you (Melanie, Limster, Chibi, Ruth, etc.???) found this particular dish anywhere? Has anyone been to Vung Tau? I've heard that it's very good. Appreciate any info. and thanks.

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  1. That sounds absolutely wonderful! I would travel ANYWHERE in the Bay Area for that dish! So please chime in if you've seen it in any other reachable location too!Thanks

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      Close but no cigar....You can get banana blossom salad with chicken and grapfruit at Ana Mandara in SF.

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        Thanks for the lead - sounds good too.

    2. I haven't had this dish in SF, but then again I haven't been to a Vietnamese place in a while..... My former roommate is Vietnamese, and always mentioned that the Vietnamese food in San Jose is so much better, I'd start there. Maybe we can learn more from your explorations there.

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        Yes, San Jose area is probably going to be best. I'll report back if and when I find this delicious dish locally. I have a recipe for a banana blossom salad from a Joyce Jue class at Draegers but I'd really like to be able to enjoy it without having to do all the slicing and dicing myself!!! Banana blossoms are available in markets like Ranch 99 and I suppose you could use roast duck from there or other Asian markets. I have rau ram growing in a planter on my deck along with a nice kaffir lime tree that's in bloom now and setting small fruit. I just can't get the taste and beautiful presentation of this salad out of my mind! It was just so delicious... The other thing that made this place (Brodard) so great was the staff - they couldn't have been any nicer to us. Keeping in mind that this place is not on the tourist track, it was wonderful to have such wonderful food and to be served by a pleasant, efficient and informative wait staff!

      2. vung tau is a good restaurant for getting a wide spectrum to vietnamese dishes. they're not famous for any particular dish but has good, consistent food. other vietnamese restaurants that also falls into this category are nha trang restaurant and bo da chinese & vietnamese restaurant. these are the restaurants my family go to for family dinners.

        as for the goi vit quay dish, i have not run across this dish in the bay area. the only duck salad i've seen here is goi vit, a boiled duck and cabbage salad. very similar to goi vit quay with the replacement of roast duck for boil duck and banana flower for cabbage. it's usually served with porridge. vung tau has a nice version of this dish.

        Vung Tau Restaurant
        535 E Santa Clara St,San Jose,CA 95112
        Phone: (408) 288-9055

        Vung Tau II Restaurant
        1750 N Milpitas Blvd,Milpitas,CA 95035
        Phone: (408) 934-9327

        Nha Trang Seafood Restaurant
        1715 Lundy Ave # 198,San Jose,CA 95131
        Phone: (408) 437-9338

        Nha Trang Restaurant
        1820 Tully Rd,San Jose,CA 95122
        Phone: (408) 274-2677

        Boda Chinese & Vietnamese Food
        2868 Story Rd,San Jose,CA 95127
        Phone: (408) 251-3855

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          Thanks so much for info. on these restaurants and the boiled duck/cabbage dish. Now I'm really curious about the Goi Vit Quay that we had at Brodard - is it a dish that is their invention or is it from a particular region of Vietnam? It just made such a strong impression on us - it was so delicious. I have a recipe that is similar but just not it. I've done several searches and haven't come up with much. I'll just have to continue the hunt I guess.

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            my family is from the central region of vietnam and i've never heard of this dish. i've asked a family friend who comes from the northern region and she haven't heard of it either. i'll continue to ask around. you definitely have my curiosity up. :)

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              I believe this is from the Hue area in Vietnam.

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                Thanks for posting on this old thread - I still think about that salad at Brodard - it's still on their menu.

                I realize now that the roast duck is what made it special. Lots of duck salads on Viet menus, but all that I've found are boiled or steamed rather than roast.

                I'll have to look for Hue style restos - do you have any suggestions?