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May 11, 2003 06:37 PM

Decent sushi in Chelsea?

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I recently moved to Chelsea, and was interested in finding a good neighborhood sushi place -- I'm not looking for Nobu, in terms of quality or in pricing, but just a good place for a weeknight dinner. I did a Google search on Chowhound, and there was a thread on this two years ago -- the closest thing to a consensus was Monster Sushi, although even that had some dissenters. Has anything opened since then? Is Monster Sushi still decent?

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  1. I like Togi, on 24th and 7th. I don't generally order sushi or sashimi unless I'm going out for "event" sushi, but the rolls at Togi are good and I bet the nigiri is fine.

    I would steer of Monster for my money.

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      sushi taro, recently opened on 26th st near 7th. Was decent the first time I went, not very good the second. This might be because I sat at the sushi bar and chatted with the owner the first time and sat at a table with some friends the second. I'm not sure. But it is worth trying.

    2. Some people here might disagree with me I'm just a American who has become gluttonized and like big pieces of sushi. If it not big I'll never be full, but as for Monster Sushi the pieces are big and it decent and the prices aren't to bad though the staff service could be better at times

      1. Had an opportunity to go to Jewel Bako when i was in NY recently.....some of the best sushi and japanese food i have ever had. 239 East 5th St.

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          MNS in Chelsea

          I don't know about weeknight dinner, but if you find yourself around during the day, Meriken (7th and 21st) has a great lunchbox deal and the sushi is acceptable. Other than that and an occasional snow crab roll from Whole Foods (in the category of emergency light snack) I don't eat Japanese in Chelsea.

          1. Monster Sushi is a joke...The sushi are made by Tibetan monks. The price don't even compensate for the quality. Sucks!!!!!