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Where to buy Quail Eggs and Duck Eggs?

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Does anybody know where I can purchase quail eggs and duck eggs? Ducks eggs that aren't fertilized (errr..in other words, not the duck eggs with the little ducklings inside that you can find in Chinatown).

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. I know Gourmet Garage carries quail eggs. There are a couple of locatiosn in the city- I know one is on 64th btw 1st and 2nd.

    1. I saw quail eggs last week at the Italian import store in Chelsea market.

      1. try one of the larger supermarkets in chinatown
        (especially the one in flushing if you're mobile...)

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          Pat Goldberg

          The stand at the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays that sells pheasants and ducks often has duck eggs. I have not noticed whether they have them every week or not.

          Pat G.

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            The Greenmarket at Union Sq is a great place for fresh duck & Quail eggs. Quattro's Farms -the place with the wonderful meats- has Pheasant, free range chicken, and Turkey Eggs, but usually not duck eggs. Not sure about Quail. If you walk toward the West side of the market you'll see a guy who works out of the back of his pick-up truck who has duck, goose, quail, etc. He has a very small booth right next to the guy selling Niagara wines.

            Other than the Market, Agata & Valentina 1st @ 79th has quail eggs. Not sure about duck.

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              Simchik Meats in East 50s sells quail eggs.....what do you do with them, if I might be so nosy???

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                Nothing fancy, really.

                Well, my uncle used to hard boil them and then eat them with a little salt. I might do that.

                I've been searching for more foods that I can eat for breakfast. I love to eat fried eggs on rice with soy sauce. I love sunny side up eggs with soy sauce (weird, I know). However, I'm getting a little sick of chicken eggs. So, I thought with a quail egg, I could crack it directly over a steaming hot bowl of rice and mix it in. The heat of the rice would cook it. (Although, I have no qualms about eating the quail egg raw, either.) Sprinkle a bit of soy sauce over the rice and you've got breakfast for a king with the added benefit that I'm not dirtying a frying pan so early in the morning.

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                  Thanks!!! I also want to vary the breakfast routine..I will give those eggs a try....have you ever had what we used to call "unborn" chicken eggs????? I a sac inside the bird..all yolk..you boil them and eat with lots of salt!!!! You can find them at Union Sqaure Market sometimes at the chicken/egg place.

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                    No, I haven't. Sounds intriguing though. I'll check them out the next time I'm at the Greenmarket.


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                I just returned from the USG, and Quattro Farms does have duck eggs today. I cannot guess how fast they sell out, however.

                Pat G.

            2. I've gotten quail eggs at the japanese markets in the East Village. m2m is at 3rd Ave and 11th St. and Sunrise Market is on 9th St, just east of 3rd Ave.

              1. Anybody know where I can find quail eggs in the UWS?

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                  Does the Columbus Circle Whole Foods carry them? I've seen them at other Whole Foods locations.

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                    I often see them at Citarella - may be worth a call first though.

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                      Thank you! I called both Citarella and Whole Foods. Unfortunately Citarella no longer carries them. But Whole Foods do!

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                        Wow - that's a drag about Citarella - thought I'd just seen them there recently. BTW - I bought some beautiful pheasant eggs at the Union Square market on Saturday - a bit bigger than quails eggs. They were rich and delicious poached on a salad for lunch that day. Huge yolks.

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                          How odd. I bought a pack of 10 at Citarella just a week ago - though they did say it was their last one. Just in case the person you spoke to was wrong, the quail eggs are usually on the 2nd floor, in the dairy cooler.
                          Further up on the UWS, Jas Mart on the NW corner of 110th and Broadway often has them, but call ahead.
                          Either way, most Japanese markets carry them, including Mitsuwa in NJ.

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                            I should add that I also saw them at various markets in Chinatown - and much cheaper than at Citarella et al.

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                          FYI - Citarella on the UES had loads of quail eggs this afternoon.

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                            I ended up going to Citarella anyway since I was in the neighborhood and found them! I guess the person I spoke to didn't know what I was talking about.

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                              Excellent - I often find that despite my efforts to call ahead and get information at markets, what I'm told is usually wrong!

                    2. I have seen both kinds at Dean & DeLuca in the Upper East Side.

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                        I've seen them at Eli's Vinegar Factory. ((Quail eggs.)

                      2. Dean and Deluca sells them from .60-.70 each. I love how quail eggs have so much yoke and they are beautiful.

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                          Just to update: I saw quail eggs today at Buon Italia in Chelsea Market. they cost $7.99 for a dozen. I also happened to see quail eggs last weekend at a Vietnamese market in Northern Virginia where the price was $1.49 a dozen. So MMRuth's suggestion of Chinatown sounds like a good one.

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                            Whole Foods at Columbus Circle has quail eggs in their produce section near the mushrooms and peppers. They are offered unpackaged, so you can buy as many as you need. Duck eggs are all over Chinatown. Kam Man on Canal has them.

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                              I've also seen duck eggs lately at the Quattro Farms stall at Union Square.

                              1. re: MMRuth

                                Yes, I bought a half-dozen duck eggs from them yesterday. $8.00 a dozen.