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Apr 23, 2003 05:05 PM

What's the best Steakhouse to have Prime Rib in New York ?

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originally from LA. looking for Lawry's type Steakhouse. primarily like prime rib steak. please reccommend some good places!

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  1. I recently had a great Prime Rib at Keen's on West 36th street - it's one of my favorite steak joints in the city - very old style New York with excellent cuts of beef. Bring your appetite - they have Queen Cut and King Cut...

    1. As you likely know, there is no shortage of great steak houses in Manhattan, and it's tough to have a really awful experience, so I wouldn't worry too much. For prime rib, the best place in my opinion is the Post House on 63rd Street between Madison and Park. It's as expensive as the rest (I was most recently there about five months ago and the prime rib was in the neighborhood of $40) but it's 28 ounces of the most tender, savory stuff you'll ever sink your teeth into. In addition, they use a better cut for each given temperature than most others; so given that a cut with x% fat will be given to a customer ordering a steak medium-rare at most places, the Post House will generally use that quality cut for a medium. "Where do they get there bleu cuts?" you ask. Dunno, Heaven? They also offer an aged rib and a cajun rib, which is aged as well. Both have amazing flavor even if rendered slightly less tender as a result of the aging process. Keen's is very good, too.

      1. Both of the places mentioned here are very good. However, for my money, there's no better prime rib in New York than that served at the Old Homestead at Ninth Avenue and 15th Street.

        The place has been around for over a hundred years (as has Keens) so they must be doing something right. No thin english style slices here (which you can get at Keens). It's a big chunk of beef.

        I'm in Chicago where the original Lawry's is. The Chicago outlet is one of the greater disappointments that I have experienced here.

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          Good recommendation! And a correction - when I've ordered Prime Rib at Keen's it's been served on the thin, dainty slices! Big slab o' beef. Mmmm.

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            You know, i've only had it at Lunch there. That may be the difference.

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          David Jacobson

          The Prime Rib at the Palm Too is excellent.

          1. Good suggestions.

            Imagine you are poor.

            Where to go for the best low-cost prime rib? Any clever suggestions?

            I don't need a place with cloth napkins, if the deal is right. I'm willing to sit on a bucket or a sawhorse.

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              It ain't prime rib. But, if it's beef you crave, Steak Frites in Union Square has a very good steak frites for around $20.

              There was also a pub/restaurant on the upper east side that I used to frequent in my early and very poor New York years. I believe that it is called The Red Wolf. They would have a prime rib special for under $20 a few years back. It wasn't the best prime rib in the world. But,it was might tasty compared to Papaya King's "filet mignon of frankfurters" which seemed to dominate my diet in those days. It was always kind of my payday splurge. I can't tell you whether Red Wolf is around anymore. It was on Second Ave in the 80s.

              Here's a link to a thread from a couple of days ago on inexpensive steak dinners. Someone notes that the Fairway Steak Dinner is $35. To me that seems a bit pricey