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Apr 23, 2003 08:44 AM

Mud Truck

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The "Mud Truck" has been parked outside my office for the last two mornings. I've seen them before on Astor Place, and remember a news article here and there. Never tried the coffee before.

I guess they got another truck, and it's roaming around Manhattan.

There's something about this that appeals to me. A large cup costs $2, which is about the same as a "grande" Starbucks. Maybe 10 cents more. The point is that they are "anti-establishment" and "anti-Starbucks," and offer a quality cup of coffee without the corporate BS. Not sure if this is really true, but I sort of buy into the hype.

Down here on buttoned-up Wall Street, it's nice to see a bit of rebellion (accompanied by a bit of rock n' roll).

The coffee? Good. Strong. Hot.

What do others think?


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  1. Where is your office downtown? Would like to take advantage of the mud truck myself.

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    1. re: Nancy Nosher
      David Greenbaum

      It's right ouside 58/60 Wall. Orange truck. His hours have been strange...maybe 7 to 9:30? I'd go soon...

    2. the hype is better than the lattes. i've had a few when they were on astor and they were very weak (btw, i don't like starbucks either). i love the idea of the mud truck, and the low prices, but the lattes weren't very good. however, you should definetly take the $2 gamble and decide for yourself.

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      1. re: bob

        Ditto. I'm very anti-Starbucks and anti-chain, so I was thrilled when the Mud Truck showed up in my neighborhood. Alas, they sold me one sad excuse for a latte. I'll never go back, but I do smile at them when I walk by!

      2. I think its just the one truck. I spoke to the guy when he was parked at Union Sq one day and he ran through the list of places he goes and when, but I don't rememebr the details. Maybe someone could ask him, and post it.

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        1. re: Jayask
          David Greenbaum

          Really? One truck? When I spoke to the guy down here, he said they had two. I thought the one at Astor Place was permanent.

          Anyhow I am craving another cup of coffee right now. I'm not a latte guy, but I'll find a colleague to test them out soon.

          1. re: David Greenbaum

            Then I'm wrong. Maybe he wa steh one who moves. :)

            1. re: David Greenbaum

              yeah, there's definitely at least two- the one on astor is there every day, and one day on my way to the subway a sister truck pulled up beside it to say hi ;)

          2. b

            Have to love the Mud Truck. They have parked the truck in between two Starbucks and sell coffee for half the price.
            The Lattes may not be the best, but the coffee is good, the people are friendly and there is great music.

            A business that should be supported


            1. Last year, I too was thrilled to have an option outside "buttoned-up Wall Street" when the Mud Truck was parked on Broadway and Beaver sporadically for about a month.

              The coffee IS good.. but $2 became tough to swallow. And the guy would always fill it too full, and I would scald myself walking to work. It lost its charm. But if you like it, by all means keep patronizing it. Just don't count on it always being there... sometimes it would disappear for days at a time. Sometimes it's still at that location.