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Mar 29, 2003 07:41 PM

Best Place for High Tea in Manhattan

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Other than Tea and Sympathy, can anyone suggest a nice place for tea in the city with emphasis on the desert side.

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  1. If you're willing to splurge (and I'm talking about $30 for the three-course high tea here) there's Fauchon on 442 Park Ave at 56th Street. This is the first New York branch of the French cafe. Indeed, it's very Euro, with the classy trademark pink and gold evident everywhere in the cafe.

    Good pastries and tea sandwiches, with a wide range of teas.

    Also-you can try Payard Patisserie which has some of the best pastry desserts you'll ever try(louvre cake is absolutely delicious)-it's on 1032 Lexington Ave b/t 73rd and 74th...not sure if their cafe serves a classic high tea though.

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      The Inn at Irving Place (56 Irving Place - about 17th or 18th Street & it would be Lexington Ave. Verbena Restaurant is on the ground floor of the bldg.) has Lady Mendl's Tea Room with a 5-course high tea service for $30 per person. It's seatings are: Wed-Fri @ 3pm; Sat & Sun @ 2 and 4:30. Reservations required. It's a wonderful old town house which has 12 guest rooms and is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The telephone # is 212-533-4600. There is a web site.

      1. There has been a lot of discussion of this on the boards in recent months. You may want to do a search to augment direct replies.

        BTW, one of the discussions concerned "high" vs. "low" tea. As I read that thread, the choice of names came from the height of the table from which it was served. So high tea was served at a standard dinner table and was what we Yanks might call "supper." What you are looking for is low tea.

        Pat G.

        1. here are some recommendations..

          For casual:

          - Anglers and Writers on Hudson St
          - TeaNY - on Rivington

          both places have very cozy atmosphere and excellent/yummy deserts - served anytime

          Formal/High Tea:

          - Palm Court at Plaza Hotel
          - Four Seasons Hotel
          - Astor Court at St. Regis

          listed in my order of preference - but each one is AMAZING! delicious delicacies, wonderful service and atmosphere - a great experience, nothing like it.

          1. Mark's, at the Mark Hotel. Incredible and exotic teas prepared by a tea master imported from Mandarin Oriental Hotels in Hong Kong.

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              what kind of foods do they serve w/the tea? asian-influenced, perhaps? how much is the service and do you know what time it begins?