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Mar 18, 2003 02:19 PM

Where are the BEST macaroons?

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For a friend's Seder we've been asked to bring the 'roons -- almond -- any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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  1. These are non-traditional and pricey, but I really like the macaroons at Fauchon on Park Ave. They have a lot of interesting flavors!

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    1. re: Kerry

      Yes, Fauchon macaroons are delicious, as are those at Payard. The colors can be springlike (pink, pale green, purple and all the usual variations on beige and brown) as they vary with whatever flavors are featured.

      I'm assuming that the house you're going to is not strictly kosher for Passover, as those at Fauchon and Payard are not. But if kosher isn't an issue, they'll definitely impress. Warning if you're bringing to a large group -- I think the small ones are $2.00 and the large ones $4.00. If you want to bring an impressive little assortment, they'll set you back quite a bit.

      1. re: Clarissa

        I think you can get a bunch from Payard at a much better price than Fauchon.

    2. Try the place on 105th and Broadway. I think it's called Silver Moon Bakery. Anyway, I don't even like macaroons and I LOVE these.

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        I agree on the quality of the macaroons from the Silver Moon on 105th Street's....just would wonder if your friend cares whether the macaroons are actually kosher for passover. If so these wouldn't be......

      2. had macaroons at a small italian place on (i think) bleeker just off of 6th. they serve a plate of cookies after the meal. i grew up thinking that macaroons were just dry coconut cookies. these were small but very moist and great coconut flavor/consistency (i know the OP asked for almond).

        asked where they get them and they said bleeker street bakery. right next door. don't know if this was a aberration and they are normally nothing to write home about but i have kept this place in the back of my mind for any future macaroon craving i have.

        1. the best macaroons are from Danny Macaroons - though you can find them in a bunch of different stores throughout the city. there are the traditional plain and chocolate dipped ones, but also these salted caramel ones that are beyond ridiculous.

          Danny Macaroons
          2 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

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          1. re: fazziole

            I had the salted caramel and the all chocolate and they were unbelievably delicious. got them on Lorimer st in Brooklyn

            1. re: fazziole

              Three posts about NYC and two of them about Danny Macaroons - guess you must feel pretty strongly about them to bring up a 7-year-old post!

              Upon opening this thread, I was like "Fauchon? They're open again?" and got needlessly excited so if I sound snarky, excuse me.

            2. bisous ciao in the LES hands favorites are salted caramel, raspberry, pecan cream and pumpkin


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              1. re: Lau

                I agree about the bisous ciao macarons, but they're not what people eat for Passover. Big difference between French macarons and Passover macaroons.

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                  oppps, i didn't see seder in the're right