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Mar 16, 2003 10:05 AM

Fairway bakery goods

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Just wondering whether the goods in the bakery section of Fairway are good. I.e. the cheesecake, turnovers, breads, and biscotti??


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  1. I've found that when you find a favorite at Fairway, that you MUST find out when it is delivered otherwise you can sometimes end up with stale out of date goods. I know because I love their lemon cookies, but have gotten stale and fresh ones mixed up in the same bag. They were bad news. Breads are usually good and are delivered daily. There is no consistency because they have so many different suppliers and when they enlarged their store it seemed that a lot of the old timers that used to work in the bread dept. either
    retired or left. They really knew the products that they were selling. I say bring back the ornery women who used to sell the bread when it was on the back wall!

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      I presume you are talking about the Broadway Fairway. The woman manning the bread department in Harlem has been there forever and knows her stuff.

    2. I've only tried a few items. The raisin walnut loaf is good, and the Tuscan Round was a big hit when we took it to friends. My favorite is the plain pound cake wrapped in plastic on a rack around the side of the bread counter. It may be the best pound cake I have ever tasted, but don't buy it if the stock is low. They restock infrequently as it doesn't move that fast.

      1. Fairway has a new wholesale bakery provider, Plaza Sweets. In my mind, their stuff is not very good. Some if awful. Fairway makes many breads in their own bakery along with some other baked products. Those are fairly good. The bakery department at the 3 stores I visit used to be great sources but not anymore. Now you have to be careful and preview any product you are thinking of using as a gift or for a party. Maybe they'll get their act together some day.

        1. I have tried several of the baked goods made at fairway, specifically the new one in murray hill.
          The baguettes are really good! A pleasant surprise.
          The baked on premise and then sold in a plastic box cookies etc the shortbread cookies are ok, not exciting but the so called brownies were horrible squishy fudgey squares i tossed out.
          The bagels are better than regular grocery bagels but even toasted are a distant second to a good bagel shop.
          The rugala is good though.