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Mar 10, 2003 11:20 AM

MaryAnne's ?

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Could someone tell me how the food is at MaryAnne's? someone recommended it to me for a date.. Or does anyone know of another Mexican rest. around the same area?

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  1. Which one are you talking about? If the one at 91st and Broadway, I recommend strongly against it. The food is indifferent and the place is filthy. Better to go to Gabriellas at 93rd and Amsterdam.

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    1. re: Pat Goldberg

      Also, Cafe Frida on Columbus and 77/78 is great Mexican!

      1. re: Pat Goldberg

        thanks for letting me know, I will definately try out the one you suggested.


        1. re: Pat Goldberg

          I agree with the Gabriela's suggestion. Note: it's on Columbus Ave.

        2. I wouldn't recommend Mary Ann's for a date (at least the EV one) with someone I'm trying to impress. The food is nothing special, and it's grungy, and I'm pretty sure you're allowed to smoke there (which I'm not into).

          Unless you're looking to get a girl hammered on cheap margarita's, MA's isn't a good date place.

          A Mexican I love that would be a great date place is Salon Mexico on 27th off Lex. Link below.


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          1. re: Sean

            thanks for the link and the suggestion, I will try that one out!


          2. the one on 2nd ave. is kinda grungy, food is so-so, and has cheap big margaritas. i'm a regular:) it's not a date place.

            the one in the west village has better food and is a little more upscale.

            the one in tribeca used to be a gloria's (the owners other daughter) and is more upscale. if you must take a first date to a mary anne's, make it this one.


            1. Not sure which neighborhood you're considering, but I love the following Mexican restaurants:

              La Palapa in the East Village. Great ambiance for 1st or 2nd date. Not too expensive, and it's very authentic mexican.

              Cilantro on the Upper East Side. This is fun and very tasty!

              Dos Caminos on Park and 24th is supposed to be great. I haven't been there yet, but it's on my list of places to try. I heard it's moderately priced and they make guacamole at your table. Rosa Mexicano does this also, but it's much pricier. RM is probably the best Mexican in the city.

              1. Rosa Mexicana, the one by Lincoln Center, is a great first date place so long as you don't mind spending $100+. I took a first (blind) date there once and i would have been in like Flynn if i'd fancied her, which sadly i didn't. Nice girl, but no sparks, so i came home well fed, out $100 and feeling slightly tragic. Amazing guacamole, which they make at your table though (I think that's $15, to give you an idea of pricing).

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                1. re: conker

                  I find it amazing that mexican food can be so expensive. $15 for guacamole? Are they putting black truffles in it? I've never been to Rosa's but very seriously doubt I'll be heading there anytime soon...

                  My question - how on earth can an establishment serving mexican food justify such a price? How is the food at Rosa's or another similar high-end mexican place in NYC better than the lowlier, yet usually much better taco joints? I'm not against going to a place that has tremendous ambiance, as long as it is balanced with the quality of food. But if I pay an exorbitant amount of money for food, I expect that the ingredients and unique expertise of the chef to justify the cost. Since you'll usually find more expert cooks - and higher quality food - at the lowlier establishments, it seems rather absurd to go anywhere else.

                  But then again, maybe I'm alone in my perplexity.

                  1. re: adamclyde

                    i've been to RM twice, once by lincoln center, the other time on the east side, and frankly, the only thing that amazed me was how she can get by charging what she does for (only) good mexican! this is no el emperador maya or even babita (both in la), which are great mexican and half the price. i guess the freshly made guac is worth an extra 30$ at the end of the bill...

                    that being said, nyc desperately needs some good mexican, without the 'novelty' expense of RM.

                    1. re: bryanj

                      What about La Palapa? Slightly different regional cuisine than RM - but definitely quality Mexican dishes at decent prices....


                    2. re: adamclyde
                      Caitlin McGrath

                      It's no different than any other cuisine; there are inexpensive restaurants and those with "atmosphere," decor, high-rent spaces, that will charge a premium for the same food made with inexpensive ingredients, whether it be guacamole (of course, you're paying the premium in part for the dramatic tableside prep), pasta with tomato sauce, or stir-fried vegetables. The rent, the matched outfits of the servers, the neighborhood, and the expectations of the customers for high-end (i.e., high cost and the acoutrements that go with it) dining all make $15 guacamole viable for the Rosa Mexicanos of the city. It may not be objectively better than $2 guacamole in a hole in the wall, but the rest is part of the package.

                      1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                        but what you're saying seems to go against being a chowhound, which is why i'm kinda against Rosa mexicana (even though i don't miss a chance to eat there...)

                        i do think many of the people who love RM would really be amazed by good mexican food, much of which is 1/3 the price. i think the space by lincoln center is beautiful. i think the making of the guac is very cool. i wish i was as impressed by the food, esp. at 70$ a person!

                        1. re: bryanj
                          Caitlin McGrath

                          Well, I'm not saying this reflects my own values (and I've never been to Rosa Mexicano); it was just an explanation of why places can get away with charging that much for something like guacamole, in answer to Adam's question.

                          1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                            I have been to Rosa Mexicana on two visits to New York and loved it but found it to be too expensive. We will be in NY in a couple of weeks. Can anyone suggest a less expensive alternative with great guacamole? Thanks.

                            1. re: gen

                              I've enjoyed eating at this little restaurant on Allen Street just below Houston called Molé (not sure why they stuck that accent in there, but it's there!). Made-to-order guacamole is $9 (pricey, but tasty) and the mole enchiladas are great. If they have budin azteca as a special, get it!