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food themed tours

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Can anyone recommend food themed tour guides in NYC, including the outer Boroughs. I am particularly interested in walking tours of ethnic neighborhoods that may include food stores as well as restaurants.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. www.foodevents.com

    They go to Chinatown and Arthur Avenue.

    1. Call the New School Culinary Institute (100 Greenwich Ave, in Manhattan). They used to run those kinds of trips. Maybe they still do and can advise you.

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        Yes, they still do, and have expanded their offerings.

      2. Try The Institute of Culinary Education (formerly Peter Kumps).

        They have a few tours in their class schedule (Chinatown, Fulton Fish Market...) that may also (but not always) include a cooking class.


        1. Myra Alperson does some really great food tours called Nosh Walks. Some upcoming tours include Sephardic Kings Highway, Belmont (Arthur Ave Little Italy), Brighton Beach, Flushing and Sunset Park. I think this is exactly what you want, shes very good at including markets, restauartants and background history in her tours.

          Link: http://www.noshwalks.com/

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            Have you participated in any of the Nosh Walks? If so, could you comment?


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              Don't be silly, Abby runs her own! (g)...In fact, isn't that your side-line, too?

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                I think Abby, wray, and HLing should go into the food-themed tour business together. I'd be their first customer!

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                  Sigh. From your mouth to...

                  No, I've never participated in her walks but I have heard good things about them. She also writes a pretty decent newsletter.

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                    Today I did a noshwalk. Liberty St. "Little Guyana" with a little tag over to one of the older Jahn's still open in Richmond Hills. Any detail comments about the tour will go over on the outer boroughs board, but I wanted to say here that Myra is a dedicated chowhound. Her newsletter has concentrated surveys of neighborhoods, her tour puts you in the right places and gives you enough background and info that you can dive in to the depth you wish.



                    Link: http://www.noshwalks.com/

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                    You must be including me as the bus driver, since those two and many others who frequent chowhound are far far more knowledgeable. But I am ever ready to follow and say "Onward."

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                      You're too modest... ;)

            2. Call Savory Sojourns- Addei Tomei


              1. i believe Big Onion regularly offers one or two different food-themed tours in addition to their regular tours.

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                  it's the "multi-ethnic eating tour."

                  Link: http://www.bigonion.com/

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                    Interesting to see their web site. Staff creditials lead me to want to subtitle their business name with "The Columbia History Graduate School Guide to NYC."

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                      (g) yeah, there's like NOBODY from NYU let alone CUNY. what happened to diversity?

                2. I keep intending to take the Queens Botanical Gardens tour of Flushing which focuses on markets and herbs. I think they were offering it once a week, maybe Saturday mornings or Sundays, I forget. Last spring it was booked up full weeks in advance. I have also read of them offering a similar outing/tour focused on tea.

                  For some reason their web site isn't responding at the moment but I include the link assuming it is a temporary problem.

                  their phone #: 1-718-886-3800


                  Link: http://www.queensbotanical.org

                  1. Does the Queens botanical tour still exist? Cannot find mention of it on their site.