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Feb 10, 2003 03:13 PM

Looking for a replacement for M&R Bar

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My favorite Bar, M&R, recently closed. What made M&R so great was a relaxed, not very bar-like atmosphere, nice bartenders, a non-snooty clientele, some rather tasty finger food and an amazing blueberry bread pudding.

Does anyone know of any good replacements? I go to a lot of bars especially downtown, but none as comfortable and easy as M&R.


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  1. Wow, M&R closed. I used to go to that place all the time. I would suggest that you try Five Points on Great Jones Street. Great food, fantastic drinks and a relaxed vibe.

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      Wow, I am bummed out that M&R closed. I had a great time there 2 months ago and it was the same cool place I enjoyed in the mid 90's.

      It reminded me of Orson's, a great bar on 2nd Ave near the movie theatre. Now it's a wine bar. Both M&R and Orson's were great; great drinks and very comfortable. They were on the verge of being pretentious but weren't, in my opinion..

      What a shame!

      ps - sorry, I don't have a replacement suggestion.

    2. say it isnt soo, are you serious? since when? that is awful. that is my favorite place. it will be very hard to replace.

      1. Von on Bleeker between Elizabeth and Bowery is a nice neighborhood bar - but no snacks. Rats. Tom and Jerrys is very low key but not the same cozy feeling of M&R (and snacks)

        1. If I may dredge up this thread from 2003, M&R Bar reopened on Bowery not long after that, but then closed again last Winter. And I really miss it!

          Can anyone else offer up a suggestion for a bar, South of 14th St., with a similar eclectic not-too-crowded scene, all my favorite music on the sound system, and (most importantly!) actually good food? M&R had quite a good selection of sandwiches and small plates...