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Feb 7, 2003 02:32 PM

croissant doughnut at The DONUT PUB

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One of the new things that they started making after the renovation.
It's a deep fried custard cream filled croissant covered with lots of sugar.$1.50 each.The custard cream has a bit artificial flavor, but i think it's pretty interesting doughnut.It's worth to try.
The other new thing is their version of Macaroon.It's compleatly different from the french one.Their macaroon is a glazed cakey doughnut( useing their Old fashioned ) with crumbs on the top.This is not macaroon at all, but it's a good doughnut.
Don't forget their regular doughnuts. Apple fritter, Blue berry crumb cruller, Chocolate dip old fashion are particularly good.

If you are not happy with Crispy Kream, Donut Plant,
and you like Old Fashion Donut( 86th st & Lex), Alpha Dounut( in queens ) , this is your place.

It's on 14th st & 7th Ave.24hrs open.

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  1. Love this place--glad they didn't lose too much of the grungy atmosphere in the renovation.