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Feb 5, 2003 04:25 PM

What to order at Grand Sichuan????

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I've been there before and had the great dan dan noodles, the pretty good soup dumplings (xiao long bao), and wanted some suggestions for tonight to wow some out of towners with the best chinese on the isle.

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  1. My favorites:

    Appetizer: Sichuan wontons in red oil
    Spicy dishes: Sour string beans w. minced pork, Braised beef filets in chili sauce, Aui Zhui chicken.
    Non-spicy: Dry & sauteed green beans w. chicken

    Had the sliced conch, it was OK (although my friend loved it).

    I've been meaning to try the duck with bitter melon--has anyone tried it? There's lots of the menu I've yet to explore.

    I love this place...

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    1. re: Guy

      At one visit to the Grand Sichuan in Hell's Kitchen, the crispy eel with garlic sauce really blew me away. Not too spicy, nicely crispy deep fried eel pieces with a reddish garlic sauce over a bed of greens. On another visit, it was good, but the texture was off, as it was soggy, and it didn't quite work like that first time. As is the usual complaint, the inconsistency problems exist at GSI, but I'd still recommend this dish, especially if you get it as good as it was my first time. It's definitely worth the effort.

      1. re: Eric Eto
        Pat Goldberg

        This is one of my favorite dishes too and, luckily for me, one that has been prepared consistently well.

      2. re: Guy

        I had the duck with bitter melon at the Chelsea branch, not Hell's kitchen. The duck was really flavorful and smoky sweet, but I found the melon a little too jarring when tasted with it.

        I'd never had bitter melon before, so this may just mean that I need to get more acclimated to the taste.

        I may be going to the Hell's K. branch today, and if so I'll go down that sweet but bitter road again.

        1. re: Guy

          I've had the duck with bitter melon at Hell's Kitchen branch. I liked it, but find that little of that duck flavor (salty, smoky and oily) goes a long way. Got some of the same duck in a soup on another visit, and decided that next time I should order something besides duck. Found the bitter melon quite refreshing, though. I think you can also get the bitter melon dish with pork, if that appeals.

          1. re: MU

            Oh, and I really like the mung bean noodle with pickled cabbage in spicy sauce (forget the name on the menu). It wasn't a noodle as I imagined it; it's, thicker and more gelatinous and translucent.

          2. re: Guy

            Try the Green Parrot with Red Beak. It is a cold appetizer, whole leaf spinach with red oil. Amazing.

          3. I really like the tendon in chili oil as an appetizer--great texture and heat, and one of my favorite dishes at the place.

            1. Which branch are you going to? At the Hell's Kitchen branch, I can never resist ordering the braised fish filets with whole garlic. Unbelievable. It's one of the non-spicy dishes, so it might be good if there's someone in the group who wants some relief from the heat of many of the other great dishes there, like the twice-cooked pork, which I also recommend.

              1. c

                I heartily recommend the tea smoked duck!! The spicy won ton apps are great too.

                You can check out the link below for a similar posting from 5/2002.