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Jan 20, 2003 02:07 PM

grass-fed beef

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Does anyone out there know any restaurants that use grass-fed/organic meats? We LOVE to eat and now are trying to eat well! (Just finished "Fastfood Nation" - can you tell?)

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  1. I can't help you, but if you do find out anything, please come back and post about it. We've been cooking with grass-fed beef at home for awhile and it's been pretty consistently delicious.

    1. Unfortunately, I do not live in the city and cannot help you with your specific quest, however, have you considered joining the Slow Food movement? It is an organization that originated in Italy and devoted to quality, sustainable foods. Check out the website


      1. I recently read that Blue Smoke uses Niman Ranch meat, which is sustainably raised and grass-fed when the season is right. And I hear Lunchbox Co in the West Village has an organic burger--which may or may not be grass-fed.
        Please post about anything else you find.

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          Only a small amount of Niman Ranch is grass fed, as reported on their own website. Finding restaurants that sell truly grass fed beef is going to be really hard.

 lists 2 restaurants selling grass fed beef: savoy and some place called verbena. Looks like you'll be making it at home. Eatwild, again, has a lot of retail providers.

        2. I read that the burgers at judson grill are niman ranch.

          1. Superfine in DUMBO makes a delicious, juicy grass-fed burger.