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May 19, 2002 05:45 PM

Val's in Daly City

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We've driven past this place for years now and have always wondered about it. It looks like nothing has changed since 1953 - which could be a good thing or a really bad thing.

Anyone have any experience with this relic?

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    Ciaohound (Bob Savelli)

    I have been many times over the years, although not in about 5 years. Unless something has changed recently, it is an older folk's, local hangout. Food is OK, nothing special. Sort of like the Gold Mirror on Taraval Street in San Francisco if you know that place.

    1. I just went a few days ago for the first time. The staff was very nice the place is a time warp with redwood walls and etched glass, low lighting and very comfortable booths.The food however was a real disappointment. My fried chicken was drab, sort of tasted old. My friend ordered the double thick pork chop, and told them he wanted it pink. It came out gray, tough and tasteless!!! Back it went, and he ordered the corned beef and cabbage. I (and he) have never tasted such an overly salty piece of corned beef and mushy cabbage..a real turnoff. Perhaps the Italian stuff is good, maybe they make a good sauce. Has anyone had a different expience?

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        Ciaohound (Bob Savelli)

        From what I've learned from Mrs. Ciaohound, the hamburgers are pretty decent, similar to Joe's of Westlake and the OLD Bruno's.