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May 18, 2002 09:39 PM

Best pancakes in SF?

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i'm looking for some good flap jacks, whether they be buttermilk or whole wheat.

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  1. Hands down, Lulu for brunch. The best.

    1. I like the pancakes at the Diamond St. Cafe on the corner of 24th and Diamond in Noe Valley. They have blueberry and buttermilk and probably whole wheat. Nothing fancy, just the way I prefer them. You can order one of each flavor.

      I've been disappointed by the ricotta pancakes down the hill at Miss Millie's (extremely popular, no idea why) and the famous pancakes at Kate's Kitchen on lower Haight. Maybe I just hate waiting in line first thing in the morning.

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      1. re: Windy

        I last had the lemon ricotta pancakes at Miss Millie's over 2 years ago, so I'd love to compare notes to see if there's a downhill effect.

        I liked the pancakes there because they were extremely light and liquid, nothing like regular pancakes. In fact p[ancakes are probably not the right name for these things. Texture was somewhat closer to the interior of a souffle. I also really enjoyed how beautifully the lemon tang meshed with the blueberry sauce.

        1. re: Limster

          You're onto something, Limster. The best pancake places beat egg whites and fold the batter in. That's what Bette's does. I love this place, over 12 years of great success and no letdown whatsoever in quality.

      2. Zazie on Cole St. makes pretty good pancakes. They have regular buttermilk and a ginger bread type one. There's usually a wait for a table -- longer if you want to sit in the patio area. But it's worth it.

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        1. re: tess

          I love Zazie's pancakes. Their plain pancakes are the closest I've ever found to my grandfather's amazing diner pancakes (he ran a diner from 1931 to the 1980s) -- a buttery, vanilla-infused aroma and tenderness. Their gingerbread pancakes are delicious, as are their special pancakes of the day: I've had lemon poppyseed and an incredible bread pudding pancake last week. I usually get their poached egg plates (Monaco is my favorite), and a single pancake. Perfect.

          1. re: sfkusinera

            Zazie's lemon ricotta pancakes are a frequent special, and are wonderful.

        2. I like the pancakes at Tyger's in Glen Park. The other breakfast items are also very good, particularly the Southwestern dishes (they're usually on the specials board) and the potatoes. Beware, however. The coffee is really awful and the bread is mediocre.

          Tyger's is on Diamond at the corner of Chenery about two blocks from the Bart station.


          1. Thank god no one has mentioned 'It's Tops' on Market. Best to avoid those leaden, greasy things.