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Dec 6, 2002 04:44 PM

canelles -- Bordeaux cake

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Does anybody know where I can find canelles in Manhattan? I had them in Bordeaux and they were terrific. A canelle is a small molded cake.

I'm also looking for a recipe for canelles, if anyone knows of one.


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  1. You can usually find them at Payard and Balthazar Bakery.

    I am very addicted to canneles and have been debating for a long time which version is better. I love the crunch of the exterior of Payard's, but prefer the purer flavor of the Balthazar cannele. A few days ago, there was an excellent version at Mangia - not sure if they make their own or source from an outside bakery.

    Two books that offer cannele recipes are "Nancy Silverton's Desserts fron the La Brea Bakery", and "Gale Gand's Just a Bite". I haven't attempted to make them at home - if you do, please let us know how they turn out.

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      I think Balthazar uses almonds in their batter, which isn't a standard ingredient. Am I wrong?

      These are the only 2 places I've been able to find canneles in Manhattan.

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      Melanie Wong

      Here's the recipe that JoAnn Coffino was kind enough to post on the General Topics board. Her bakery is much missed by San Francisco chowhounds.


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        Wow, beeswax? And I just used up my last bit of it. :)

        I think I will stick to buying them. Thanks for the link to the recipe though!

      2. Is there anywhere else I can find caneles in the city other than Payard or Balthazar? I've had them at Balthazar, and they add something that makes them taste kinda off.

        1. Bouley Bakery occasionally has them, and they're crusty on the outside, with vanilla flecks inside.

          Bouley Bakery & Market
          120 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

          1. Trader Joe's has them in their frozen desserts section. Six to a box, defrost for 20 minutes or microwave for 20 secs. Looks like they are made by Galaxy Desserts.

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              I've also been to Bordeaux and had them there...and no one has mentioned this, and it is NOT in that recipe that was posted (the beeswax one), but is my memory faulty that their predominant taste was cinnamon? Maybe I'm thinking of something else I had in Bordeaux.

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                I had Galaxy Desserts' canelles. Not good. They don't have that crusty outside.