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Dec 6, 2002 03:37 PM

Green Chili in New York

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Anyone from New Mexico here? Anyways, I am dying to have some New Mexican food with green chilis or can anyone tell me where to get green chilis in Manhattan (peeled and chopped).


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    Dale Weinstein

    Ex-wife from New Mexico-I know what you mean.

    Try the bridge market on 8th Avenue bewtwwen 22nd and 23rd. That's your best bet. Thet usually have canned Hatch green chiles, sometimes they have fresh and/or frozen. Forget finding any of this in a restaurant.

    Good luck.

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    1. re: Dale Weinstein

      the name of that place is actually KITCHEN MARKET.

      they have green chili posole burritos available anytime if that helps. they taste great, though a bit bland. also, they have daily specials w/ green chilies often times. if i was from new mexico i'd make this place a regular stop, i think it's as close as can get.

      also, you may have luck finding items at the mexican grocery down in the essex market or maybe even at the MESA GRILL.

      1. re: mrnyc

        There is a branch of a Los Dos Molinos (I think that is right) on 18th street. From what I understand they have a very popular restaurant in Mew Mexico. Friends like the NY branch, but I have not been able to go as of yet. They possibly have a variation of green chili.

        Additionally - Bright Food Shop, which is owned by the same people who own the kitchen/market on 8th ave, often have the posole that was mentioned as a burrito, in the more tradional soup style. It is served with cilantro and mustard greens to brighten the soup up a bit.

        The kitchen/market-Bright Food Shop combo is probably a great place for you to start. During the harvest and roasting season they even have fresh NM Hatch green chiles.

      2. re: Dale Weinstein

        Sorry to go outer-borough on you here, but Superfine on Front St. in DUMBO flies in green chile from New Mexico regularly, mostly for use in their excellent brunch. The partners there met while working at Cafe Pasquale's in Santa Fe, I believe.

      3. c
        Caitlin Wheeler

        Manhattan Fruit Exchange in the Chelsea market has a pretty good selection of fresh and dried chilis.