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Nov 17, 2002 05:04 PM


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I love Queen of Sheba and I have never been to Ghenet. In your opinion, which place has tastier food and which one has a livelier atmosphere. I am going out with 4 girlfiends for one of my last dinners in the city and i am craving ethiopian.

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  1. Just my opinion but since Ethiopian is one of my favv cuisines and I have had Ethiopian friends since childhood. (One of my neighbors and friends as a teen is a Salasi (sp)and in college was very close to a refugee from Ethiopia)

    If you want quality Ethiopian the only choice is the 47st Meskerem. The other places do not compare. Ghenet especially, is a crowded cold loud noisy space. The food is a watered down rendition of Ethiopian cooking.

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      Sorry, but Queen of Sheba (10th Ave btw 45th and 46th) kicks Meskerem's ass six ways to Sunday. The food is more spicy and flavorful, and the setting is more intimate as well. I've been to both many times, but Q of S is consistently better.

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        babar ganesh

        i am very much in agreement, though some who dine with me would not concur. in any case, meskerem and q o' s are very different and you should try them both.

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          i love meskerem on 47th but have always been a big fan of Awash on 107th/Amsterdam. My favorite favorite favorite and always a standout meal, although service can be slow. Just try to go on week day nights, when it's not too busy. If you go often enough and they know you they will hook you up w/ big portions and great service.
          There's also a newer branch of Awash in the E Village at 6th & 1st (by Curry Row) but it pales in comparison to the original- smaller portions and less tasty food.

    2. Any dishes/appetizers you guys recommend? I had ethiopian once at Berkeley back in my college days but don't remember what I ordered. Thanks!

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        i am OBSESSED with ethiopian but unfortunately am not a meat eater.
        ethiopian has knock out vegetarian options (lentils, chickpeas, greens, berbere, etc) but most of them would come w/ your meat dishes anyway.
        in general, my meat-loving friends tend to love the doro wat (chicken) or lamb dishes. i also love yetamatim fit fit as an appetizer - bits of injera torn up and tossed with tomato, lemon juice, olive oil, and hot pepper- a bit like italian bread salad.
        most ethiopian places have combo dishes -- a sample platter of all their meat or veg dishes- so i'd go with that.

      2. I truly recommend Meskerem on MacDougal. Their YEBEG ALECHA is one of the tastiest and most reasonably priced lamb dishes in the city. Delish.

        1. I think Awash (the UWS one) is my favorite, but I also enjoyed Meskerem (the Hell's Kitchen one) and Ethiopian Restaurant (around 81st and York). I haven't been to Queen of Sheba though. Ghenet was the most chi-chi one but the flavors weren't as good.

          1. Awash in the UWS is by far the best in Manhattan!