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May 11, 2002 05:15 PM

Rubio's Fish Tacos - Oh My

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Recent thread on the LA board about Rubio's fish tacos. My mouth was watering - beer battered fish, lightly dressed with what everyone guessed was crema fresca, topped by crispy cabbage. Sounded like simple perfection.

I'm going to apoligize to the LA people right now. This is not a good review. I am guessing it HAS to be a problem with this particular store (El Cerrito). A horrible, horrible problem.

I was sensing trouble when the paper wrapping was a little soggy. This was on a trip from the counter to a table.

The taco had a flabby, almost flesh-like consistency. I'm still game. Sometimes the things that aren't pretty taste good.

As I opened the wrapper a white liquid oozed out on to my newly dry cleaned slacks. I guess the lack of flavor in the fish was a blessing. It COULD have tasted bad fishy. There was this crispy stuff, separate from the fish that at first I thought was bacon. Oh...the batter. The cabbage was crispy but pale in both color and taste. I'm guessing by it's palid look and whisper of flavor, it was grown in a basement.

The whole decor of the place screamed "I'm a chain"...with attitude. It makes McDonald's look homey and charming.

On the good side, they do have a nice guacomole for $1.69. It was fresh and tasty. I'd bring some of this stuff home instead of paying five bucks for the packaged stuff at Berkely Bowl.

The chips were a little stingy for 99 cents, but were about the same quality as Chevy's.

There's a salsa bar. The muy caliente looked and tasted like tomato paste with shrimp coctail sauce mixed in. The verde wasn't bad. The mild did the Rubio's leaking trick, spilling out onto my car seat on the drive home.

Lunch $4.12. Dry cleaning and car cleaning, priceless.

They do seem to have a lot of healthy options like grilled chicken and fish.

For you lobster lovers, I saw a lobster taco on the menu for $2.99. Let me know how it is.

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  1. Here's my post from last summer on the Santa Rosa branch. If i were you, I'd wait for the lobster taco to go on special. Definitely not worth $2.99.


    1. I've had lovely grilled fish tacos with nice texture and flavor (considering this is a chain) at the San Francisco Rubio's in the Nordstrom mall, but the same "dish" at the El Cerrito Rubio's was horrible: flabby tortilla, dry "grilled" tuna that seemed most definitely from a can! Not exactly truth in advertising.

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        Stanley Stephan

        Thanks. I thought there was a Rubio's downtown, but I thought it was near Macy's. I may give that one a try if it is better.

        How DO they get those tortillas so flabby. Then again, maybe somethings are best kept secret.