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Oct 29, 2002 10:22 AM

crispy duck vs. peking duck

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My boyfriend is from London and lately he's been craving "Crispy Duck", a dish he can't seem to find here in New York. From what I can deduce it's similar to Peking Duck, but not quite the same... Anyone know of any "crispy duck" in NYC or have a recommendation for Peking Duck?

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  1. I don't know the difference between the two, but you can get a very good Peking duck at Peking Duck (the restaurant) on Mott, just south of Pell (#28 ??).

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      Simon Gittins

      Crispy duck in England (often called "crispy aromatic duck"). The duck marinated is in a hoi-sin type marinade like Peking Duck but then deep fried rather than roasted. It is served in the same way with plum sauce, pancakes and spring onions. It is tasty and there is no layer of fat under the skin like you get with a good Peking duck - which I believe is part of the appeal. In short it is a lazy, europeanised form of Peking duck - easier to cook for the kitchen and no worrying fatty layer for the round eyes. I feel it is much in New York's favour that the dish does not appear to exist here.

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        louisiana lin

        Ditto for the Peking Duck on Mott. I have been because a friend never misses dinner there on trips to Manhattan and she comes all the way from the gulf coast south every other year. She recommended it to me and I'm glad she did.