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Oct 21, 2002 03:45 PM

New restaurant opening

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Just read that a former Maine lobsterman is opening a restaurant next week called Svenningsen's at 292 Fifth Ave. near 30th. The article (pp. 76 of the 10/21 issue of New York Mag.) says his dream has been to open a place serving shore dinners and fried Ipswich clams. He makes lobster rolls using only the knuckle meat, which I've always thought was the best morsel in the whole lobster. Reports for the field will be welcome! pat

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  1. I've always thought knuckle underrated...
    Real NE seafood would be a welcome addition here.

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    1. re: dude

      In the meantime and anytime thereafter, check out Mary's Fish Camp's lobster rolls. Dang tasty! Great fries too.

      They have an appetizer of just lobster knuckles too, a heaping plate served chilled with a nutcracker, lemon and butter. YUM.

      The new places sounds good though too....always room for people doing fun things with lobster. Hopefully he'll do a first rate chowder with lots of bacon and meaty clams - great timing for the season....


      1. re: THM

        Walked by there today, as yet not open. Should happen soon, as seems about ready. No menu in the window to give us a clue. The lobster and clam info in NY Mag is it for the moment.

        A risky location, hope they will make it. A midtown place for a first rate Ipswich Clam roll will make them unique and worthy of support for that item alone.

        1. re: Odyssey

          hopefully they will be more inexpensive than MARY's or PEARL. then they will make it ok.

          1. re: mrnyc

            I always thought Pearl's was a little overrated AND expensive.

            1. re: Nancy Meiers

              The last line of the New York Mag. piece is, "Mary's and Pearl's, watch your backs."

              1. re: Pat Hammond

                I work in the nabe and just walked by it. Thier takeout prices are several dollars less expensive than the sit down prices. Hmmmmmmm. If it's may becaome a regular lunch option for me.

                1. re: Jayask

                  Walked in today, the chef said just waiting for Con Ed to do/finish the hook ups. Expects to be able to open next week.

                  New menu in the window show lunch price for Ipswich clam roll is $6.50, dinner $9.50. Whatta deal, if good! !

    2. Is the lobster roll sauced with hot butter or with mayo?

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      1. re: EmilyW

        In the piece I read the owner says he uses knuckle meat with just enough Hellman's to bind it. He uses a buttered home baked bun that he toasts on the griddle.

      2. Svenningsen didn't last very long. Maybe a year? At the most two. In any event, it's closed.

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        1. re: RGR

          I know! And I never got around to going! I feel cheated.