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May 6, 2002 07:35 PM

recommendations for jeanty at jack's?

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i'm going to jeanty at jack's with some out-of-town guests next week. can anyone recommend any outstanding things they have there?

by the way, how are their desserts?

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  1. k
    Kim Campbell

    escarole salad, steak, foi gras (rich -- like foi gras!) -- desserts are fine. Try to get a table on the third floor

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    1. re: Kim Campbell

      The pigs feet salad is a must! Of course, the name in French is much more romantic...

    2. Hi, here are the recommendations verbatim from one of my best friends. First-rate were the salmon carpaccio, leek salad. Tomato soup in puff pastry which was excellent. Mike said he could have consumed a gallon of the soup. Sole Meunierre, light, with lemon and garlic mashed potatoes. They didn't have dessert but are dying to go back, so that's says something. Hope this helps.

      1. the tomato soup with puff pastry is fantastic.

        1. got 3 desserts: (1) rice pudding - do not recommend - very mushy/mealy. (2) lemon sorbet - VERY lemony! so so and (3) crepe - amazing!!! the winner