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May 6, 2002 03:44 PM

Thai Nakorn in San Bruno

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After a couple of disappointing experiences with Thai food on the Peninsula, I had pretty much given up finding any place I would want to try a second time--or even a first. But, at the recommendation of Philippe's Thai colleague, we tried Thai Nakorn in San Bruno. (No connection with the Anaheim one Melanie Wong enjoyed so much.) And, though we've only been there once, we are certainly looking forward to our next visit.

We had beef larb to start, a fiery rendition of minced meat, tangy, heavily spiced and coated with ground rice powder which gave it texture both grainy and slightly slippery at the same time. We followed it with a rich, mildly sweet, Panang chicken curry in coconut milk and a fragrant Pad Gra Pow of ground pork, with chili, and basil leaves.

We probably erred in starting with the much hotter larb, which overwhelmed the milder dishes that followed, but the food had a full, fresh flavor of real Thai food. Except for the use of carrots, peas, and cut beans in the curry instead of Southeast Asian vegetables, it was a heartening experience.

Thai Nakorn: 464 San Mateo Ave., downtown San Bruno
tel. 650-5837555. Open 11am-10pm

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  1. I too was introduced to this place recently. I was told that a Thai person considered this food the most authentic outside of Thailand.

    Anyways, I had the most sublime sticky rice with Mango dessert here. The mango had just enough sweetness and tartness, the rice was sweet with a hint of coconut milk and the toasted sesame seed on top were perfect.

    All those that have been here... please write up your dish recommendations. thanks.