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duck confit

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What are some restaurants in Manhattan that offer a great duck confit? Just got back from a trip to Paris, and I already miss the food...


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    Fred and Wilma

    Gascgone on 18th and 8th does a great version. I am sure there are others

    1. All the usual fancy food stores carry confit you can finish at home. All you need is a broiler and 10 minutes.

      1. This seems to be my night for recommending D'Artagnan. (Another poster above was looking for foie gras.) The restaurant serves all things duck related, including confit.

        1. I'm not a confit expert, but I had a tender, delicious one at Le Gigot, on Cornelia St. in the West Village.

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            A gem of a restaurant: good, fairly priced wine list; great frites.

          2. I go for the very satisfying duck confit (the restaurant i think is often overlooked) at La Lunchonette on 10th Avenue. Great classic, perfect for a cold and rainy day french food and ambiance. i have spent afternoons there very happily dreaming of France, and very nearly fooling myself into thinking that I'm nokwhere near New York.

            1. A on Columbus and 107th does a nice duck leg confit for $10. wonderful place, but arrive early b/c it fills up quickly. it's byow.

              1. Try the duck confit salad at Petrossian (confit mixed with cornichons and shredded carrot and then dressed with a raspberry vinagarette). Great for a nice lunch or light dinner.

                1. Bistro De La Gare in Manhattan at 626 Hudson Street at Jane St. One of their popular dishes is the duck confit. Also on the menu currently is duck rillettes, which is made from duck confit. I also loved the rabbitt pate crostini. They have a webs site so check out this gem. Tell Maryanne the HF Theatre Company sent you.

                  1. I love the duck confit at Blue Ribbon Bakery! Served with sauteed napa cabbage, fried potatoes, and red wine sauce.

                    Also very good - the duck confit at Balthazar, served with crispy potatoes, wild mushrooms and frisée salad.

                    Blue Ribbon Bakery
                    33 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014

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                      i 2nd the duck confit at balthazar. the thing is ive never had this dish anywhere else so im far from an expert. but it was tasty to me.