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Sep 11, 2002 12:17 AM

30th birthday cocktails and some food

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any suggestions for a cool place to have friends and family for a surprise 30th birthday?

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  1. How many people in your party? Are you looking for a place to drink and dine with the regular patrons or do you want a space for a private cocktail party? Any hints on the type of food you'd like to have?
    Do you just want nibblies or tapas or do you want a full blown meal option?

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    1. re: christina z

      I suggst LUSH- on Duane st. in Tribeca- I recommend it often- beautiful bar, great drinks, very cool music(not pop) and yes, they have nibbles. they have a round room in the back that is tres cool and you can lounge & celebrate. iusually have my husband's b-day here because he likes it so much.And, it is a great thing to support downtown to keep it thriving.
      happy borthday

      1. re: Le Bouquin

        Is the cocktail food good or just edible. sounds interesting. Can the place hold a lot of people?

      2. re: christina z

        I'm looking for either an enitre place to rent out or a private room....something a little different yet classy, just cocktail food not a blow out dinner