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Sep 9, 2002 07:00 PM

Memoir of Restaurant Owners who owned "Morgan's" off Seventh Avenue [moved from Manhattan board]

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Need a little help. Earlier this year, a woman wrote a memoir of her family who owned restaurants on the Upper West Side and in the Garment District. The restaurant in the Garment District was "Morgan's."
Writing a paper on Garment District, need name of author and/or title of book.
Hope you chowhounds and New York residents with great memories can help me out.

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  1. Stuffed: Adventures of a Restaurant Family
    by Patricia Volk

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    1. re: 9lives

      Patty Volk is a close friend. If you want to get in touch with her, e-mail me. She's warm and delightful, as winning as her book.

      1. re: sybil

        The restaurant was spelled Morgen's. And thanks, Sybil. I love you too. Patty

        1. re: patty

          patty volk
          just reading "stuffed" and i don't want it to end! my friends and i also grew up jewish and have said the little old jewish men and women are the end of an era... thank you for memorializing them...i feel like i know you.. i wish you well.... judi

    2. The authors' name is Patricia Volk..I read the book,but the title escapes me right now.