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Aug 22, 2002 02:58 PM

looking for nyc restaurants

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I am going to be in NYC this weekend and have two reservations for Saturday night. One at Tanti Baci and one at Barolo. I know nothing about either of these places. Can someone tell me which is better or if either is worth going to? Any other suggestions?

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  1. I have not been to Barolo, so I will not comment. I have been to Tanti Baci(West Village) and it was as close to a horrifying dining experience as I've had in NYC. If you got the recommendation from Citysearch be forewarned that it appears that "someone" is posting glowing reviews of this restaurant. It is in a dark, uninviting basement, and we were seated in a dingy dark corner. I brought some out of town guests and I was so embarrassed. The food was mediocore, the pasta was hard (not al dente), the ravioli tasteless, and the parmessan on my sister's salad was not shaved, rather chunked (& tasteless chunks at that). On the plus side, the service was cheerful and friendly, and it was not very expensive (although I would have paid a lot more for an edible meal).

    I don't usually slam restaurants, especially if I've only eaten there once. I guess I felt a fool to believe the "hyper-glowing" reviews from Citysearch, of a place I'd never even heard of...I thought I was missing out on the "best Italian in NYC 2001". Boy did I learn a lesson.

    If you want reasonable italian I would recommend Lupa, also located in the Village. I also enjoy Po as well, even if it not part of the Battali empire anymore.

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      I strongly second the Lupa recommendation, and you can go w/o a reservation. And if you don't mind eating on the early side (before 7) your wait shouldn't be too bad at all.

      On the summer menu, the Rigatoni w/Broccoli Rabe Pesto and Riccota Salata is excellent, and if you're a potato fan, order a side of theirs. They are whole potatoes, baked, flattened, salted and then fried with herbs and they are out of this world.

      It's on Thompson between Bleecker and Houston.

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        WOW! Thanks for the warning. I definitely won't go there.

      2. I have not been to either of the restaurants you mention, so cannot comment.

        I highly recommend I Trulli, on E. 27th St., btw. Lex & Park Av S., for excellent Italian cuisine, as well as pleasant ambiance (weather permitting, they have a wonderful back garden), and fine service. Not inexpensive, but worth it.

        A less expensive suggestion: Cibo, on 2nd Ave., corner E. 41st St. Delicious Tuscan/American cuisine. Lovely ambiance. Friendly, professional service.

        1. Barolo has mediocre expensive food but a big beautiful garden.

          Tanti Baci is too small a room, too slow and may have been good a few years ago.

          Try Da Silvano at 260 Sixth Avenue, Lupa, or a small sweet place called Da Andrea @ 557 Hudson St. Il Mulino on West 3rd Street is expensive but IMO worth it.