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Aug 22, 2002 10:17 AM

I Trulli

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Just went to I Trulli last night.

I know nothing about Apulian food, but I found it to be a bit ascetic for my taste. In some cases the only seasoning was balsamic vinegar. Everything was very fresh and well presented, but I was not prepared for the lack of richness (olive oil, butter, cheese and cream) in the food. (Desserts were suitably rich but my warm chocolate cake was icebox cold.)

We ordered the tonnarelli, perfectly al dente homemade spaghetti in a tomato sauce with little chunks of eggplant. It was advertised as including ricotta salata but there was only the tiniest sprinkling of confetti on top.

Red snapper with balsamic vinegar was exactly that. Sea bass came with a large artichoke salad that tasted of vinegar as well. I suppose this is a good cuisine for summer, which would make sense as I imagine Apulia has a warm climate. I guess I am just not a fan of this style of cooking, but if you like very non-caloric recipes then this is the place for you :-)

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  1. Sorry it wasn't a better experience. I went to a wedding there recently and was totally blown away by the food (though I actually found it a bit heavy!). I'd even go so far as to say one of the best Italian meals I've had in NYC.

    1. We have never found the food at I Trulli to be lacking in any way. We had dinner there several Saturday evenings ago, and every course was perfection personified! But, as with all restaurants, it's always a matter of personal "taste," and you are certainly entitled to yours.