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Aug 21, 2002 12:43 PM

Best cheap, fast, asian in the East Village?

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Hi going to a movie at 8:00 at the City Cinemas on 11th/2nd Ave. I would like recs for the best cheap, fast, asian close to the theatre. We only have an hour to eat. Right now I'm considering Sobaya & Village Yokocho. I would appreciate any other suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know if I'd call Sobaya fast service. It's not super slow, but I've never had a particularly quick meal there. I prefer Go (St. Marks between 2nd and 3rd) to Yokocho. It has better quality food overall. I especially like their takoyaki, tuna avocado salad, sea urchin rolls, and ochazuke. Another good one is Rai Rai Ken for ramen noodles, and many of my friends swear by Yakitori Taisho (St. Marks between 2nd and 3rd, on the other side of the street as Go). Note, however, that the speed of service will largely depend on when you get there. There is often a wait to be seated at these places. I've also found that recently, Yokocho has been slow in general, even after you've been seated.

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      I *love* United Noodle on 12th St. btw 1st and 2nd Ave. Go for the melted tomato, shellfish noodles. MMMM.....

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        I love United Noodles, too. The other day I had the seared shrinp and scallops on corn pudding and thought it was one of the best tasting things ever. The perfect combination of sweet corn and flavorful seafood. Whoever is cooking there knows something about complex flavors. The beef short ribs with papardelle is great too, with the ribs tasting slightly carmelized. The forest mushroom rolls are excellent as an appetizer. My only complaint is that the pad thai is a little TOO sweet, taking the sweet/salty combination too far.

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        I second Go. Love their salads with sushi which are very refreshing on a hot summer night/day.

      3. I love Yakocho, but don't go if you are in a hurry - service is usually pretty slow.

        1. east village sushi park on 2nd is great and very close to the theatre. i think it's between 6th and 7th. this year almost all sushi (on a list) is half-off if you eat in, meaning you could split various combos and split the cost. i've gone with a friend, split a combo, gotten served very quickly, and after the 50% was taken off ended up paying $7 or $8 including tip. and if the idea of cheap sushi worries you, it is thoroughly japanese (no chinese, no mexicans) and the quality seems quite good to me.

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            where exactly is this restaurant and is it 50% off all the time?

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              2nd avenue...i'm pretty sure it's between 6th and 7th. definitely past pommes frites (on that side of the street). next to a place called "toy tokyo," the sign for which looks a bit like the logo for "toy story." i think it's 50% all the time but i can't remember if i've been on a weekend or not. it has always been 50% when i've gone.

          2. Thanks everyone for your rec's. We decided on Go. I had the avocado tuna salad (tuna sashimi with slices of avocado on greens doused with delicious ginger dressing), zaru soba noodles (pretty standard), & seaweed salad (very nice version). My friends also got the miso ramen & age-dashi tofu. Service was friendly, helpful, and quick.

            Fast, cheap ($17 each including tip with one large beer), and delicious!