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Aug 21, 2002 09:28 AM

First trip to NYC - Staying West 77th St - Suggestions!

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As the subject says, coming to NYC next Feb and need ideas of what not to miss - food wise!

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  1. Walking distance from where you are staying is Ouest on Broadway near 84th--excellent food, pleasant service but book ahead

    1. Even closer to W. 77th St. than Ouest, and even better, IMHO (not to mention more reasonably priced), is @SQC, on Columbus between 72nd and 73rd.

      This restaurant, to my mystification, has barely been mentioned on this board, but it's easily my favorite more-or-less-upscale restaurant on the Upper West Side. The restaurant is casual, with a modern urban-chic look and feel (I'm lousy at describing these things--go look at their website!)'s the food that's upscale.

      I've had so many wonderful things there....a really nice she-crab soup, a truly delicious and surprising "roast" chicken, pork loin with cheddar cheese grits and morel sauce, butcher's tenderloin of beef with foie gras and truffle mashed potatoes. (I'm waiting for Scott Campbell to bring back the grilled salmon with truffle grits....the menu changes every couple of months, and boy do I miss that one!)

      Me and my UWS dining-out friends seem to about evenly divided on this subject, but for me, @SQC IS, foodwise, what Ouest tries to be but doesn't quite pull off. Every dish I've tried at @SQC has been more satisfying than every dish I tried at Ouest.

      Anyone else out there agree or disagree with me? I can't imagine why this restaurant hasn't been discussed here, or perhaps I just missed it (but a search a few weeks back turned up zilch).


      1. Compass, on W. 70th St., btw. Amsterdam & West End Av., has delicious American cuisine. Comfortable, attractive contemporary setting.

        Picholine, on W. 64th St., btw B'way & CPW, serves excellent Mediterranean cuisine. Known for its extraordinary cheese cellar.