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Aug 7, 2002 10:37 AM

Restaurant Suggestions in downtown area

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Always looking for good recommendations to go to. Soho, E/W.Village/Tribeca, Union Square,Chelsea.
Any type of food, price not the main issue- GOOD FOOD!

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  1. Miniburgers at Pop, just south of Union Square

    Rocking Horse in Chelsea for Mexican

    Raoul's in Soho for steak au poivre (and just about everything else)

    Montrachet for high-end french in tribeca

    Moustache in the village for Middle Eastern

    1. Raoul's in Soho-dark, smoky lively crowd- French- great classic food

      Miracle Grill- E.Village- Mexican w/garden

      L'Elephant-1st/1st- French Vietnamese- great Litchi matrtinis

      The tasting Room- 1st/1st- husband& wife own and chef/manager-unique menu, huge wine list, tteeeny tiny place- VERY small

      :Levagna- love this place in E.Village- Italian- great arrugula salads and fish dishes- tasty suces, simply prepred, charming service- small place- I think it can be romantic

      Blue Ribbon in Soho- my favorite restaurant- raw bar , skate, tartar- great vibe, love the lightin, very good music. go early or late- no joke- lines agogo no reservations

      Chanterelle in Tribeca- pricey but worth it -elegant