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Aug 7, 2002 08:34 AM

Lunch at Nobu

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I'm lunching at Nobu == if I could order anything (I don't know what the budget will be) what should I have? Black cod? Sushi? I've never been.

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  1. Get the tasting menu. At lunchtime the tasting menu is less expensive than at dinner, you get one less course (but still plenty of food), the sushi chefs are less busy and can spend more time preparing your food. When they ask you whether you have had the tasting before, say "yes" so that they will give you something more interesting than their standard "starter" tasting menu (which is still good but not as interesting as some of the creations they come up with.) If you are more in a rush and don't have time for a full tasting (which can take 1.5+ hrs), try the miso cod, a 1/2 order of the rock shrimp tempura w/ creamy spicy sauce, a 1/2 order of the New-style sashimi (they usually use whitefish for that but I suggest that you request salmon instead), a 1/2 order of Sashimi salad (they usually use tuna for that but I would suggest requesting hamachi instead), and something not on the menu like an unagi-avocado harumaki (eel avocado spring roll, ask them to not fry it or fry it only lightly) on top of ankimo (monkfish liver --optional) w/ miso mustard, garnished w/ osetra caviar, crispy leeks or crispy shiso leaf and japanese mountain peach. Of course get something like a white rabbit martini to wash all this down...

    1. Barleywino had some great suggestions. I would also throw in the hamachi with sliced jalapeno, it is one of my favorites.

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        I like your suggestion, too, Villagechow! Another item to add to the list: Nobu makes a good soft-shell crab roll (wrapped in cucumber; ask for a ramekin of spicy mayo on the side) PS I once ate at Nobu for lunch on a weekday and CBS Sunday Morning w/ Charles Kuralt was there filming for a segment on the architect who designed the place.

      2. Do not miss the sashimi salad. It is my favorite dish in NYC just about.

        Have fun.

        Lisa P

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          Caitlin Wheeler

          Thanks for all the suggestions. I ended up letting those who were paying order, and we had a fabulous meal. We began with toro tartare -- melt in your mouth served with oscetra caviar and hot hot wasabi broth. We had spicy creamy crab, which was excellent and very rich, the black cod with miso, the hamachi with jalapeno, and a large assortment of sushi and sashimi, including toro, the soft shell crab roll, the house special roll, and excellent sockeye salmon. Everything was fabulous.