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Aug 3, 2002 01:25 AM

Better Burger

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I tried the fast-food spinoff of Josie's today and was less than impressed. My "jumbo" soy dog was only large in comparison to the band-aid of a bun it was squatting on. The tiny thimble of sauerkraut they supply you with lacked much vinegary bite or salt for that matter.

A side order of slaw was oil-free but they obviously forgot to replace the missing fats with some flavor.

I even had to send back my chocolate soy shake as it had a soured taste to it. I quickly swapped it for a shockingly red, strawberry shake that tasted better but was no prize.

At over 9 bucks for a hot dog, throwaway slaw, and a small shake I felt pretty ripped off.

The veggie burgers and baked fries my family was eating didn't look any better. Was it an off day?


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    lancelot link

    Iron Frank -
    You posted many times today....just curious as to how many times a day you eat out and what this might cost you?

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      I've got an uncle from Miami in town so I've been eating out twice a day and catching up with the posts a day or two later. It doesn't cost me that much as I'm watching my budget more lately and eating out at less expensive sandwich places, falafel joints, and dosa carts(well just the one) more often than not.

      I wish I could eat around town more than I do already but my appetite and wallet can't keep up with my hungry eyes as much these days.


      1. re: Iron Frank

        I just ate at Josie's on the weekend for about the third or fourth time. I think it will be the last. The food is disappointing and expensive (for what you get).

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      The Turtle (Bay) Dove

      I completely agree that the food at Better Burger is mediocre-to-bad and expensive. Then again, I've had fairly bad meals at Josie's as well, but I know others (including you?) have eaten decently there.

      I've never tried the soy shakes so I can't comment. As I believe I posted here a few months ago, though, I'm completely addicted to the chocolate milk shakes. They definitely differ from time to time (or milk-shake-maker to milk-shake-maker perhaps?) but have never been less than spectacular as far as I'm concerned.


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      1. re: The Turtle (Bay) Dove

        Ahh! It's the milk ones you favored. I ordered the chocolate based on your rec. a while back but I thought it was soy based that you liked.

        Next time I'll make it milk.

        1. re: Frank Leone
          The Turtle (Bay) Dove

          Do try the milk (not soy) shake and post if you're still unimpressed. After all, we want a balance of opinions on this board, don't we? I'll be happy to hear that other people don't like them - especially if they have recs. for better ones! I've taken 3 people there to try the shakes - one went "ho-hum", the other two raved. I think the key is to hold the shake in your mouth for a moment as you drink it so that you can savor the mouth-feel.

          I've given up on anything else there.

          1. re: The Turtle (Bay) Dove

            I found the miso-chickpea vegetable soup delicious- but it is a scant portion for $3.