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Apr 26, 2002 02:42 PM

Chow vs. Home?

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Trying to choose between Chow and Home (at Church and Market) for dinner tomorrow (4 of us total). I know the price point is a bit lower at Chow, but is the food a notch lower also? And what about noise level? Thanks.

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  1. I haven't tried Home yet but I've been to Chow many times. The food is excellent for the price but it is extremely noisy and their tables are crowded for 4 people. Chow also does not do reservations (does Home?). You can however wait at the Pilsner Inn bar next door and someone will come get you when your table is ready.


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      I'll give the nod to Home. I've known and worked with Chef Lance Dean Velasquez for over 5 years now and, I believe, he's probably one of the best neo-American chefs in the business right now.

      I first worked with him at the now defunct Epicenter. He made these lemon-pepper grits that are to die for.

    2. The food at Chow appears to be a bit more straightforward, "simpler" and heartier. Home on the other hand, has slightly smaller portions and the food can show a tiny bit more finesse. One the whole, I think both demonstrate similar value; Home's food is slightly better for slightly higher prices.

      Both places were loud and crowded the times I've been there, and it wasn't even Saturday.