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Jun 19, 2002 03:29 PM

Meet Cafe - Short Report

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I had a light dinner at the cafe at Meet last night, the semi-new restaurant on Gansevoort and Washington in the meatpacking district.

Although the waitstaff did just about everything possible to prove the Zoolanderesque male model stereotype spot on, the quality and prices of the food were agreeable, even good. I'll pay an extra dollar for my pint to drink it outdoors with interesting people watching and crunchy frites, and I appreciate being served lager in a taller, narrow glass.

I chose the soppresata/gruyere/arugula paninni from a list of six, all of which looked inviting. One could argue that its hard to ruin a sandwich when you start with good ingredients, but the burger my friend ordered was perfectly cooked and tasty as well, $12 with a side of fries.

I'll go back again, if nothing else to help our waiter tie his shoes.

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  1. I went to the restaurant, not the café, shortly after it opened and found it to be quite enjoyable, though the portions were ridiculous. I think my $20 scallop entree had no more than 4 scallops and not much else, but it was very good and plenty for me. The owner checked on our table several times and at the end of the evening he picked up the tab for 3 of our 4 bottles of champagne.

    1. I live over here...I tried it a few weeks ago. The menu is a nice little mix of tasty fare. Everthing was good, except for the burger trio (yes, i should've stayed away from that). While they were kinda clueless, they were nice. i'll go back.

      1. we went just after 6:00 opening time the other day and we couldn't get served! the staff made up several laughable lies such as,"the cook quit" and "we can't take walk-ins." the real truth was even more obvious and bizarre, we watched as they recieved three boxes of delivery pizza! they just did not want to be bothered with customers. so we went to LE ZOO and had a great time and a nice meal with professional service.

        1. k

          I went to MEET last week and thought it was great-- if you look past the trendiness of the place, the food is really innovative.

          Just read a good review worth checking out: