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Jun 18, 2002 09:52 PM

Arthur's Tavern Hoboken

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A friend told me good things about his place, but it it worth going to Hoboken for.
The prices seem well below those in Manhattan, but is the trip to NJ worth the money i may save.
Are the steaks any good there, how is the ambiance at the place.
How do i get there from 8th and 51st.
And how much would that cost me ?

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  1. The cost of going to Hoboken is $1.50 PATH train, but unfortunately, the steak at Arthur's is not worth the $3.00 return trip. It is not a high quality piece of meat. It is Flinstones-big, but fatty and chewy. Arthur's is a place that I just don't get. I was dragged there on more than one occcassion with groups, and after my first steak, wound up ordering burgers which were pretty good. ALways packed, raucous atmosphere, liter beers, 32 oz steaks. Just not very good. Frankie & Johnny's always seemed to be the best steak in Hoboke.

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    1. re: John M.

      To call Arthur's overrated would be to imply it has any rating at all. Forget it. The great restaurant in Hoboken is Amanda's, 9th and Washington. Adorable, great service and great food, lots of fish and usually 2-3 solid meat dishes (they used to have and unbelievable hangar steak on the menu regularly.)

      1. re: xavier

        I think it's a stretch to call Amanda's great. It's a decent place, unless it's changed since I lived there almost five years back. Hoboken is a vast wasteland of restaurants not unlike Park Slope's 7th Ave.

        1. re: Peter Cuce

          Amanda's has a lot going for it: it's on the ground floor of a beautiful brownstone, it's incredibly charming (if you go, make sure you request seating in the original part - the expansion is nice but doesn't have the same charm), the food ranges from pretty good to great (the polenta appetizer is awesome), and the service is usually more than adequate. Prices are reasonable and reflect that you're not in Manhattan and that Amanda's isn't flawless. Each of my six or seven visits has been wonderful.

          1. re: L.R.

            Yeah, but this guy is talking about taking a special trip from Manhattan. Amanda's definitely isn't worth it.

              1. re: Peter Cuce

                Hey, if you're willing to venture from Manhattan for Arthur's, you should be willing to travel for Amanda's. Or La Isla.

        2. re: John M.

          Don't bother going to Arthur's.....this place is really hard to understand its huge and always packed, yet the steaks and burgers are terrible...grisly, fatty, overcooked, tough although inexpensive (maybe that accounts for the crowds) ...having been dragged there several times I always leave thinking I would have rather gone to Mcdonald's across the street...Tad's in Time Square is of considerably finer quality...a couple of Hoboken Gems are Le Isla, the Cuban lunch counter run by a classicaly trained former NYC chef, also Vito's and Fiore's make perhaps the best subs to be found anywhere.....

        3. The first time I went to Arthur's, about 3 years ago, I thought it was a great deal - good solid food (I had the lobster) for reasonable prices. But the last time I went there, about a year ago, they raised the prices a bit and the food quality had deteriorated somewhat. It's overall okay, but I found it a bit greasy.

          Note, however, that Hoboken really isn't that far (heck, it takes longer to get from downtown to the UES or UWS).

          1. i think arthur's is very cheap and the decor is not great. it's like a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, like a diner, etc. it does have great burgers and really cheap, great roast beef sandwiches. i never had steak here so i couldn't tell you but it doesn't have much choice on the steak menu. if you want steak, you are better off at peter luger's or old homestead. or brasserie (had one of the best there). of course, you'll pay much more but there is ambience. hoboken doesn't have many great restaurants or food for that matter. i write about hoboken food and i would say its bakeries are good, carlo's is a stellar bakery, la isla is GREAT cuban (and i lived in nearby union city), zafra is great as well but it's not cuban. arthur's is not worth it for steak, if you are in hoboken then yes, it's ok but to travel here just for that, no.

            1. Arthur's is a total joke unless you think a chewy, fatty steak and two pieces of iceburg lettuce thrown on a paper plate w/ slice of unripe tomato sounds appealing. I went once and was so grossed out I'd never go back... I don't understand the hype.
              Amanda's is great, particularly for brunch, but I don't think I'd make a special trip to the 'boken just for that..
              The only food establishment in Hoboken worth making a trip for is, without a doubt, Piccolo's Cheesesteaks ... a must visit for all!

              1. arthurs is a dumpy steak place with no ambiance. if you're looking for a cheap divey place to get a dirty steak, arthurs is your place. if you're looking for a real steak in hoboken, go to frankie and johnnies.

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                1. re: antderosa

                  what a bunch of negative nancies. Let the guy go visit Arthur's and go have local beers on Washington. It is a pretty unique place and no one is comparing it to Del Frisco's. You'll have fun and its good to get out of the city sometimes for a change.

                  1. re: Dcemont

                    I've been to Arthur's about 7 times since my business associate loves the steaks here. The steaks are huge for the price but overall far from great. Outback serves a better piece of meat! Arthur's is a huge busy establishment with little charm (think
                    paper plates for the pickles and hot peppers 'salad" and red/white plastic table coverings). I do enjoy the large beer mugs available and the bar(s) appear to be good
                    but I've always been seated at the tables. The portions are indeed fillling; large steaks
                    , good home fries and a side of mushrooms with reasonable prices for the NY area do make this place a value.